O'Keefe And Grunsfeld Support Biden's Space Vision

Joe Biden is the best choice for space progress, Opinion, Sean O'Keefe and John Grunsfeld, Florida Today

"Biden knows that NASA has accomplished a great deal by evolving and adapting to rapid change. Through his public service, Biden has had an important influence to forge bipartisan support for NASA. Seeing the vast potential of the burgeoning commercial space industry, the Obama-Biden Administration helped NASA seize opportunities to extend our exploration reach and conduct its other important activities. The recent NASA/SpaceX launch of American astronauts to the International Space Station was set in motion by a strategy devised in the George W. Bush Administration and enabled by policies established by the Obama-Biden Administration and is yielding results now. After the Falcon 9 launch in May, Biden noted, "We planted the seeds of today's success during the 2009 Recovery Act. According to NASA, it has now saved taxpayers up to $30 billion and invigorated an aerospace industry in Florida that accounts for more than 130,000 jobs in the state."

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