Conservative Think Tank Tries To Imagine Biden Space Policy

Senior space officials met to "war game" Biden administration space policy, Ars Technica

"On Tuesday about a dozen space officials met virtually to simulate how a National Space Council might operate during a Joe Biden administration, should the Democratic Party nominee win the 2020 presidential election. The American Foreign Policy Council convened what it characterized as a "closed-door" and "scenario-based simulation" to understand how the Biden administration would think through important space events. Invitations were sent to officials in the aerospace industry whom the Biden administration might call upon as advisers or to fill key leadership roles. The event was not organized at the behest of the Biden campaign."

Keith's note: The American Foreign Policy Council is a conservative non-profit with zero influence on Democratic activities. Zero. Newt Gingrich is on its advisory board. Tick tock. Eric Berger's reporting is spot on. As he notes the Biden campaign had nothing to do with this event. As such, anything that emerged from their "war games" amounts to little more than a game of "you sank my battleship". These sort of things always happen in Washington, DC during election times. If no concrete policy emerges on a specific topic, the usual suspects feel compelled to go off and look like they are creating one. That is what is going on here. Also, a few people are also jockeying for jobs (like chairing the National Space Council). When Team Biden has a space policy we'll all hear about it in broad daylight - not cloistered shadows.

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