Here Are The Questions To Be Asked At The NASA JSC Town Hall

Keith's note: Here is the text of the comments - the number in front of each was the number of times it was voted up when this text was grabbed at 2:05 pm EDT on 13 November 2020 from "JSC Virtual Town Hall online" at!/dashboard (link may become inactive) Update: about 10-15 minutes after this was posted on NASAWatch JSC made the page's contents disappear .

"Please submit questions for the JSC Virtual Town Hall and vote for other questions that you would like to see answered. Top questions will be addressed by Mr. Geyer, Ms. Wyche, and Dr. Taddeo on Nov. 17th. Submissions will be accepted until 2 p.m. on Nov. 13th."

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268 Biden's NASA transition team has been announced and they have made several statements. They support moving the moon landing to 2028. How will this and their desire for NASA to primarily focus on Climate Change impact JSC?

160 What-a-Burger of Chick-fil-A?

148 Found it pretty shocking at last townhall that there was not yet any criteria for what would cause a move back to stage 3. This is incredibly important and was brought up in townhall questions before transition where you all agreed it would be important so what happened and why?

143 What is JSC doing to proactively prepare for a presidential transition?

142 Bridenstine recently warned of a gap between ISS retirement and future commercial space station to take over LEO operations. What is being done currently to ensure we don't have a long gap like we just experienced at the end of the Shuttle retirement.

125 Now that we are at 41 plus onsite cases which by my math feel free to correct if wrong is about a 30% increase since we were at stage 3 just a few weeks ago what are we going to change to combat this worrying trend? Surely we need to change something.

119 How might the new president and his administration affect NASAs objectives and subsequently projects at JSC?

105 Can you please define what you mean by an "On Site Case" and also note if we have had any on site transmission? I think the lack of on site transmission should be indicated with the on site case statistics to showcase how well the on site protocols are working.

95 Will JSC provide and administer Covid vaccines, to its employees, similar to the flu shot program.

82 When will we hear about permanent teleworking options? Why not tell us now and help reduce our stress? Its pretty clear at this point there is strong interest and many positions that this makes sense for.

78 Can you talk about the "hoteling" pilot of not having a permanent desk if you work less than 50% on site? How will computer equipment work - docking station, monitor, etc.? Will we get to keep our current phone number? Office equipment - chair, footrest, etc?

77 Photo day, when JSC is going to have a office photo taken for individual?

75 What role does JSC have in the Asteroid Sample Return mission? Will the samples come back onsite to JSC for analysis?

74 Whenever JSC goes back to stage 1 and we have to be onsite, I would recommend NASA invest in some team builder retreats for its NASA employees. Over the pandemic, the lack of human interaction has taken its toll on some people, myself included.

73 Can you comment on the potential long term health complications from COVID (ie for people who were symptomatic but not hospitalized, or people who were never symptomatic but tested positive, etc)? How do long-term health complications relate to the severity of symptoms?

70 Thank you for drive through flu shot campaign this was great. Please offer the same for Covid vaccines once available.

70 Did people forget that last time when they said if people asked inane questions on here that they would stop doing this, or are you asking stupid questions with the intent of having them no longer taking questions and doing town halls? Don't ruin this for everyone else. Grow up.

67 Why is JSC not using temperature checks as a COVID-19 screening method to allow access to facilities on site?

66 With the heat in Texas nearly year round, could we have more shade trees planted around the parking areas?

62 A lot of claims are made about the efficiency employees may or may not achieve while teleworking. What, if any, metrics are being used to help justify beliefs in telework efficiency?

57 Why isn't there a way to down vote and remove conspiracy theorist nonsense that's submitted on this platform in the guise of a question?

51 What lessons learned are we incorporating into our programs with regards to Nov 10th NASA OIG Gateway audit citing changes NASA made to plans for Gateway, make it unlikely that Gateway will be available to support the agency's planned 2024 lunar landing on the Artemis 3 mission.

48 Recently you have stated that there is no intention to go to stage 1. Would it be possible to get an estimated date, even if months in the future? Does "no intention" mean that you wanted to wait until after the holidays, after the presidential transition, or until even later?

47 In 2017 when Pres. Trump was elected it was several months before his portrait went up in B1 lobby. Any chance we can take it down a few months early too?

47 How many NASA employees have gotten Covid 19? How many have died from it? Why aren't we tracking these numbers on covid page? Its not a privacy violation to report numbers with no names and is in the public interest to know.

45 If all decision gates must be "green" to move from Stage 3 to Stage 2, then if any of those gates are "not green", we should move back to Stage 3. This is just like launch criteria. I trust JSC management, however, the lack of transparency and consistency here is very concerning!

44 One of the best parts about teleworking is spending time with our "furry friends". Would JSC consider allowing dogs on-site (Amazon claims "having pets in the workplace has been found to lower stress and boost morale...[&] contributes to the company's culture of collaboration")?

43 COVID-19 cases in Houston are surging, with case numbers for Nov / Dec expected to eclipse the summer surge. TMC's ICU ward is at 93% capacity and climbing. Why are we not Stage 3? Source:

41 As the future of permanent telework is developed, will NASA consider a monthly stipend for permanent teleworkers to go towards their increased high speed internet bill? Many of us don't need the same capability for everyday life that is necessary to effectively telework.

40 Still have no ability to take new quiet Fridays. We actually now have less ability to take off in my group than we did under old flex friday system. Wasn't this supposed to make our lives less stressful not more?

39 Are you looking at providing mission essential workers hazard pay? Inherently putting at greater risk to do their jobs so some recognition of this only seems fair. After all the numbers show they have been exposed to at least 41 infected people and probably way more asymptomatic

39 Can you elevate the VPN issues, which make it hard to have too many videos on at once, to NASA Headquarters, as a serious problem affecting morale, communication, and productivity? We would like to use video conferencing more to connect with each other, but we can't.

39 People ask fun questions because some folks use humor to deal with stress, and to lighten the aggressive mood that somehow manages to appear each week in these submissions. It's not a matter of "growing up", it's a matter of "lightening up". Keep scrolling if you don't like it.

38 With the results of the election being contested due to significant evidence of ballot tampering, will Center Management refrain from referring to Joe Biden as President elect? Especially since no authorized body has confirmed his victory.

37 My badge is expiring soon and will need to be renewed. Is there an option to renew this without going on site etc? I am high risk so this doesn't feel safe but don't know if I have any choice if I want to keep my job.

35 Can JSC establish some criteria to resume Gilruth Fitness operations? People want to invest in their health in more ways than just wearing masks. If people can sit at a restaurant/bar/theater and socialize they should also have the option to pursue health improving activities.

35 New Years Day falls on a Flex Friday this year. Are we going to get an extra vacation day ("observed holiday") to account for that? Perhaps New Years Eve?

34 Ticketmaster is considering verifying vaccination of folks buying tickets to a concert and other events will JSC implement a system to verify employees have been vaccinated before being allowed on site or will taking the vaccine be an individuals choice.

33 Under a Biden administration, is NASA expecting a change to the Artemis III mission, Gateway first instead of a lunar landing?

33 Bridenstine has announced that he will not stay on as NASA Administrator in the new administration. Any idea who the leading candidates are to replace him?

32 What can you tell employees who WANT to work onsite, but are told they may not because they are able to telework effectively? The cool part about working at NASA is being AT NASA!!! Driving past Rocket Park and MCC on the way to the office is inspiring!!!!

32 What are the chances of moving back to Stage 3+ operations when the new administration takes office? Should we be planning for that possibility?

30 Do people scared to come to work go grocery shopping? Out to eat? Anything? Or are you completely sealed in your homes? Thank god this is not the Apollo generation in the 60's. We wouldn't have made it. And to the Trump pic person, you are the problem. Stop the divisive comments.

28 What happens at JSC during an executive transition? Do we have any presidential appointees here at JSC or is the NASA Administrator the only one for the agency? In a non-covid world, would the president-elect or VP-elect visit here during transition? Thank you for reading this.

27 Thank you for the Snoopy posters and the flu shots! I enjoyed having an opportunity to drive on site, see the deer, pick up some fun space memorabilia, and get my free flu vaccine.

26 With COVID surging at record levels do you have any additional suggestions to keep ourselves and our families safe?

26 Concerned with statements that because we haven't seen a lot of on site spread this is evidence precautions are sufficient. Respectfully not how science works and in direct disagreement with FOD Vigilance. Never accepting success as a substitute for rigor in everything we do.

25 I don't know any other way to say it than it is outrageous we are in stage 2 right now when all the data clearly shows we should be at stage 4. You are not prioritizing our safety. You are prioritizing doing what you want on site over our safety. Naive or failure of leadership

24 Please do not allow people's furry friends, my allergies will cause me to sneeze, nose to run, coughing, etc. Then people will think I am sick, but it is allergies because of someone's furry friend. I am already taking allergy med's, but this will push them over the edge.

24 is it possible to incorporate a downvote button to these questions?

23 Due to the results of the recent election and Biden's priority of climate research over human exploration, will the HLS Option A RFP process be canceled or significantly delayed?

23 A reminder to be kind to & thankful for those who daily face greater risk of COVID exposure than most of us. They keep our cars running, groceries full, lights, fridges & HVAC on, roads safe, water flowing, our health well, internet up & our children educated. God bless them all.

23 COVID transmission risk is highest when indoors in poorly ventilated spaces. A CO2 meter is a simple way to monitor for healthy, fresh air ventilation. Can JSC survey all occupied office spaces with CO2 meters to confirm sufficient ventilation as indicated by CO2 levels <800ppm?

21 Can we please have a special air filter or other apparatus around the places where there are refrigerators and microwaves, since people congregate there? I don't think I will feel safe microwaving food for lunch.

21 Many activities that have been added at stage 3 are very low priority nice to have not in any way mission essential work. Why are we allowing this in a pandemic. Its short sighted and unnecessary. Don't you think dead or debilitated employees will cost us more long term?

21 Why are we still only requiring face coverings instead of real masks on site? It would be such an easy step to provide employees real masks to wear in common areas to improve everyone's safety. We know they are far more effective.

20 Affective vaccines are expected to be able to be widely distributed by ~April in the grand scheme of things is very soon. Why don't we prioritize safety of our workforce by going back to stage 3 until people can be vaccinated? Why not reduce long term health impacts and deaths?

20 Given asymptomatic cases don't figure into your onsite covid case count its safe to say the real number of people who have been on site with Covid is significantly higher. Please keep this in mind when planning as asymptomatic also can spread.

18 We need to keep a watchful ear & vigilant eye out on RACISM out here! Especially now! Racial comments, nor behavior should be tolerated! It was stated that a noose was found in an employee of NATIVE Resources work vehicle. Why was this not mentioned? Is this true?

18 Mr. Geyer, are you going to spend an equal amount of time focusing on what it's like to be a Native American or Islander American or Hispanic American as you have with African Americans? You seem to only focus on African Americans? Please be inclusive of everyone. Thank you.

18 Big thanks to the EAP!!! The weekly stress relief workshops are very beneficial. The the latest EAP offering, Morning Mindfulness, is a great way to start the workday. Thank you Daisy Wei and Alana Egan!!!

18 Mr. Gyer, are you going to spen an equal amount of time focusing on what it's like to be a German American or Antarctic American or Canadian American as you have with African Americans? You seem to only focus on African Americans? Please be inclusive of everyone. Thank you.

17 I believe in Stage there were going to be "waves" or "groups" of employees returning to work onsite. Have all waves/groups gone back to work onsite?

17 Whose responsibility is it to clean up the NASA trail? It seems like it would be good to encourage people to use it now as a safe open air means of exercise. It could have used some attention pre-covid as well. Water stations were sometimes empty in 90 degree weather. Thanks.

17 Texas & Alabama voted republican again as they did in 2008 & 2012. Obama then canceled Constellation. Will Biden do the same? Cancel Artemis to punish Texas & Alabama! Poor Charlie Brown.

17 Could the Screening Acknowledgment form be amended to recognize that some medical conditions (allergies, asthma, fibromyalgia, etc.) create those same symptoms? Perhaps include a statement that the symptoms being experienced are not typical for the employee.

17 With long-term Teleworking, the negative impact of not seeing each other continues to build up. New hires are joining without having a clue what their new co-workers look like! How lonely. What can we do to encourage more use of cameras in meetings?

16 For those employees who have private offices on site, why can't they return to work, regardless of the criticality of their job?

16 Comment, not a question. There has not been one, even one ounce of proof of voter fraud! Thus, comes time, President Elect Biden & Kamala Harris should & will be referred to as President Bidden & VP Kamala Harris here. Please do not spread lies on here

15 People asking "fun questions" were warned at the last Town Hall that if they continue to do so, then they will consider no longer holding these and asking us for questions to submit. Why are you trying to "have fun" when they're trying to have serious discussions? GROW UP.

14 For ISS we prioritize crew safety over mission success. Why are we not doing the same for employee safety?

14 Screening form is ridiculous and tries to put all responsibility and blame onto the employee instead of NASA. I am not a medical doctor. Asking me to evaluate myself if I have COVID is wrong. Symptoms listed are experienced regularly by most people but if we ignore our fault.

13 Cn u pls rmind evryone tht n the bgning it was all abt fltten'g the crve. Evryone seems 2 thnk tht C19 is prvntable, but like flu, its inevitable. Msks will hlp fltten the crve, but all will evntully get ths. Lke hart disase ech prson is rspnsbl, stp askg NASA or govt 2 protct u

13 I understand wanting to return onsite and to complete the mission, but with rising cases and the stress of life, why not just press pause for a moment and shut down JSC for the rest of the calendar year? Everyone deserves a chance to reset after a year filled with loss and pain!!

13 Part 2 noose question: Did uniformed security (cheifs, etc) whom are primarily white males that there has also been concern claims of racism & Confedearate flags being dispalyed in their offices, downplay this? A noose suggest lynching/killing. This is not to be taken lightly

13 geesh not only are we getting fringe political posts about tinfoil voter fraud conspiracy claims but junk science advice from mercola fans. when did this forum devolve into a 4chan q'anon site?

12 What ever happened to looking at the big picture and not transitioning for COVID if the overall situation in the country wasn't safe? We have never been in more danger and yet are in stage 2?!

12 Can you comment on balancing mental health with physical health? Do you consider this when making decisions in regard to when people return to site? It seems that different people are affected differently. Some are nervous due to COVID; others miss colleagues. And others, both.

12 As much as I love my dog, I do not favor the suggestion above to take her to work. She barks at random noises and will go on the carpet. Some people are allergic to pets. I would have to take her for walks during the day and she will chew on the furniture.

11 Refer to the statement "no one has to come to work if not comfortable" and the fact that many jobs that require work at JSC? Is it overstated saying no one has to be onsite if they are not comfortable. JSC Security Guards, the Flight Control, COD operations, custodial staff.

11 When an employee's family member gets sick and then tests negative for COVID or confirms a non-covid illness, employee still has to Q for 2 wks. This does not make sense and burdens others. Confirm and clarify in the guidance? I never would have guessed this from reading it.

11 I do not think the objection is to fun questions, but to inappropriate questions. When people asked for photographs of the deer population, the request was granted, fun as it was. That's very different from the question that Mr. Geyer rightfully objected to last time.


10 The Houston area has over 169,000 COVID CASES! 834 cases in 2 days! JSC should have never went to stage 2, if anything up to stage 4. If correct, that is over 30%. What again is JSC going by percentage wise?

9 With vaccines released soon it is absolutely not the case that everyone needs to get covid 19. Protect yourself for just a few more months and then you can avoid ever getting it.

9 Since a transition back to stage 3 is likely, Would you work with center leadership to make a clear, simple pathway to having items deemed "mission critical", not just critical for the current ISS increment, but to the NASA Mission in its entirety.

9 If we are currently meeting criteria to be stage 2 then we need better criteria because things are going terribly.

9 For NASA employees and contractors required to support mission essential events, i.e. supporting the Artemis I landing & recovery effort on a Navy ship, will NASA get a priority on the COVID-19 vaccine for those mission essential personnel and administer it at the JSC Clinic?

9 What does a change in administration look like, from a practical standpoint? Do we have several months of non-leadership to look forward to? Will problems that need to be addressed at the Headquarters level be slow to be addressed? Will communications be reduced?

9 .-. . -- .- .. -. / -.-. .- .-.. -- --..-- / .- .-.. .-.. / .. ... / .-- . .-.. .-.. .-.-.-

8 Rei or Asuka?

8 For employees who are mission essential or who need to travel internationally, do you think it is likely that they can get early access to a COVID vaccine to reduce their personal risk for such work?

8 There is a bit of nervousness about the vaccine. What adverse reactions have been encountered in the trials. Also, for the type of technology used in the vaccine are there unintended consequences? I think back on glyphosate and it's effect on mitochondrial function.

8 Once again someone is being oppressive & hateful with their desire to "down-vote" others questions & comments they disagree with or dislike. They don't seem to understand that all opinions & all questions are valid. What are you afraid of? Don't you want to listen to others?

8 We must view the total risk space, yet it seems JSC is focused only on COVID and no other employee risks. After 8 months, the risks of depression, anxiety, social withdrawal likely exceed the COVID risk. Why not let folks return based on their own risk tolerance assessment?

7 I think it's time for another culture survey. Can we get one soon?

7 I don't think we need a downvote capability. But it would be nice if we used a system that allowed votes to be undone. Sometimes I accidentally click. Or I upvote a question, only to see the same question phrased better, and I would like to undo the upvote to the first one.

6 Do we know if this is up to date information? With cases continuously rising in our area, I do worry about the risk to myself and bringing it home to my family. There are fewer limitations for visitors onsite. Why?

6 The Times Called Officials in Every State: No Evidence of Voter Fraud The president and his allies have baselessly claimed that rampant voter fraud stole victory from him. Officials contacted by The Times said that there were no irregularities that affected the outcome. :-)

6 I am confused about all the talk about racism. Isn't there only one human race? Shouldn't we be discussing bigotry and prejudice and not racism? Are we not scientists and leaders, shouldn't we use proper terms?

5 As a follow on question to the vaccine, if the Navy requires COVID-19 testing to be done prior to boarding the ship, will NASA provide testing capability in San Diego to test NASA personnel before boarding the ship per the Navy's requirements?

5 How did the Crew-1 watch event go? Was there good compliance among attendees? Will we be able to have more events like this in the future such as for Crew-2?

5 Native American, Islander American, Hispanic American, Asian American, African Americans, European American, Eurasian American, .... How about just American? Instead of trying to divide, DARE we UNITE and EXPLORE the possibility?

4 Why can't the flu shots also be offered for the contractors who work offsite?


3 COVID is disease from n-SARS-COV-2. Cases are people with COVID, not necessarily positive test for virus. Extremely unfortunate reporting changed meaning to positive test = COVID. Faulty reporting = root cause of peoples unnecessary but understandable fear + reactions to it.

2 Why are nasal tested the primary way to test for COVID when the FDA states the swab can be taken from either the nose OR the throat? Seems like a more realistic test to swab the throat (like a strep test).

1 is an excellent site for information about coronavirus and news related to it and how to support immune system to better handle it. Disclaimer: you will not find any of these things reported in the regular media anywhere as best as I can tell.

1 For Artemis, will we quarantine astronauts returning from the moon, as done for Apollo? What is the probability of the Asteroid Sample Return mission releasing a harmful virus on our oasis - earth?

1 Has the incoming Congress member for the JSC area contacted you directly yet? Have Senators Cornyn or Cruz? If yes, please elaborate if possible. Thank you.

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