NASA Can't Seem To Find Women Worthy Of Awards In 2020

NASA Administrator's Agency Honor Awards Virtual Ceremony

"Each year the NASA Administrator recognizes individual employees who have made an extraordinary and indelible impact on the agency's mission success throughout this past year. All of these individuals help enable missions to explore and discover both our world and the universe."

Keith's note: Let's take a look at the Program for the 2020 NASA Honor Awards to check on the gender of the people named. Guess what: only 3 of the 37 listed 2020 Distinguished Service Medal honorees are female. Of the 14 Distinguished Public Service Medal honorees none are female. It is rather baffling that with such an immense workforce NASA cannot seem to honor anyone except older male employees for their contributions. Why can't younger people - and women - be found who have made similar contributions?

This is not exactly new. Go look at the 2019 NASA Honor awards. 2 out of 32 Distinguished Service Medal winners were women. None of the 10 Distinguished Public Service Medal honorees were female. Yet in 2018 of the 27 Distinguished Service Medal honorees 9 were women - one third. That's not perfect - but it is certainly vastly better than the number of women deemed worthy of awards in 2019 and 2020. These women do exist, NASA - and they are certainly not hard to find. Just sayin'.

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