NASA Employees: Has Management Told You If You Are Schedule F?

Congress won't block Trump's order to strip civil service protections from many federal workers, Washington Post

"The bill is silent regarding an executive order issued just before the election that would change the status of federal employees whose work involves making or carrying out policy or giving confidential advice to top officials. Under the order, they could be dismissed with little cause or recourse, much like the political appointees who come and go with each administration, and competition would no longer be required when filling such jobs. Federal agencies have been working to complete lists of such positions ahead of a Jan. 19 deadline -- the day before President-elect Joe Biden will be inaugurated -- for conversion into a new category of positions to be called "Schedule F."

- NASA Employees: Beware Of Schedule F - And Burrowing
- Civil Servants Are Going To Lose Protections, earlier post
- Executive Order on Creating Schedule F In The Excepted Service, White House

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