How Big Aerospace Supported Efforts To Undermine Democracy

Donors to Electoral College Objectors, OpenSecrets

"OpenSecrets compiled a list of the top donors to GOP lawmakers who objected to the Electoral College results on Jan. 6, 2021. The dataset includes the top PAC donors, top individual donors and top industry donors to the campaigns and leadership PACs of lawmakers who objected to at least one state's election results."

Keith's note: This is what big aerospace thinks about American democracy - they were massive donors to efforts to undermine the election:

10. Northrop Grumman $687,500
15. Lockheed Martin $651,000
18. Raytheon $570,000
19. Boeing $567,000

It is one thing for big aerospace companies to play both sides. It is quite another to even consider supporting someone who'd have undemocratic leanings - regardless of their party affiliation.

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