Stupid Mars Headline Goes Global And NASA Sits On Its Hands (Update)

Keith's note: This article in The Sun is featured front and center on Drudge Report which means that a hundred million people are going to see it and - even if they do not actually click on the link - they still get the impression that "NASA lander 'in crisis' as probe engulfed by Martian dust storms..." which points to "LIGHT'S OUT Nasa's Insight lander 'in crisis' as $800m probe is engulfed by Martian dust storms" on The Sun in the UK. The Sun does link to the latest NASA Insight report from JPL - dated 12 February 2021 - two months ago. Given the false impressions that are circulating one would think that JPL, SMD, and PAO would fix this situation with an update such that these stupid arm waving headlines do not start to echo around the world.

And of course everyone in the media - seeing one incendiary headline - and absent any update for 2 months from NASA - piles onto the exaggerated narrative with headlines using the words "die", "deep trouble", etc. Someone at NASA needs to manage this news much better. If the lander is indeed on the verge of shutting down - then say so. If not, then say so. Letting editors who pick headlines to get clicks is not the way to circulate accurate spacecraft health reports. Just sayin'

- NASA's Lander Is About to Die on Mars, Interesting engineering
- NASA's Insight Mars Lander Is 'in Crisis', And Has Entered Emergency Hibernation, ScienceAlert
- NASA's Mars InSight lander may be in deep trouble, BGR
- NASA's InSight Mars lander is going into emergency hibernation. If it can't save its batteries, it could die., Yahoo

Keith's update:

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