In Search Of That Infrastructure Stuff At NASA

Keith's note: In case you have not noticed the big thing on President Biden's agenda for Congress these days is INFRASTRUCTURE. A lot of NASA is falling apart. Various NASA technologies could be very useful in assessing the state of America's infrastructure. So ... I went to to see what NASA is doing. Nothing about infrastructure on the home page. So I used the search engine to see what infrastructure goodness NASA has in store when the Biden folks ask how NASA is going to help.

The top search result I got is for a NASA YouTube video titled. "Genomicic Sequencing of Outbreaks. Infrastructure, Confinement, Immune Suppression, Space Has It All". For starters the proper spelling of the key word in this title is "genomic" not "genomicic". Second of all this video has nothing to do with 'infrastructure' in the sense that the White House is interested. Third: you'd think that someone at NASA would read the newspapers and get the idea that maybe the Biden folks might be interested in infrastructure across the Federal government. Alas, NASA has never done that "whole of government" thing very well. Why start now?

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