NASA And The Scientific Integrity Task Force

The White House Announces Scientific Integrity Task Force Formal Launch and Co-Chairs

"Convening for the first time on Friday, May 14, the 46-member Task Force - including 44 from across the federal government and two leaders from OSTP - will begin its work in responding to President Biden's call to action to strengthen federal science in his Memorandum on Restoring Trust in Government Through Scientific Integrity and Evidence-Based Policymaking."

House Science, Space, and Technology Committee Members Statement on Scientific Integrity Task Force, House Science Committee

"We are encouraged by the Biden Administration's quick action to restore scientific integrity in our federal research enterprise and we look forward to the results of today's initial meeting of this critical taskforce. Science does not have a political agenda. When science is done well, it is because trained professionals can follow the data and subject their findings to rigorous peer review."

Keith's note: NASA is a member of the Task Force. I wonder who they sent to the meeting. NASA has made no mention of this committee since its formation. The Biden Administration talks about "whole of government" approaches however NASA does not seem to be interested in talking about that sort of stuff even though everyone else seems to be.

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