President's FY 2022 NASA Budget Released

NASA Administrator Statement on President's FY 2022 Funding Request

"This FY 2022 budget, along with continued bipartisan support for NASA's goals and missions, will empower NASA and the United States to lead humanity into the next era in exploration - an era in which government and the private sector partner to take us farther than ever before - to the Moon, to Mars, and beyond - and to expand science, economic growth, and well-being here on Earth."

- FY 2022 Budget Summary
- FY 2022 NASA Agency Fact Sheet
- FY 2022 Mission Fact Sheets
- FY 2022 Congressional Justification NASA Budget Request
- Initial FY 2022 Budget Request Summary (released April 20, 2021)
- More NASA Budget information

Keith's note: No mention is made of the $10-11 Billion that Bill Nelson wants from the Infrastructure bill.

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