Bill Nelson Talks About The SETI Program That NASA Does Not Have

Keith's note: Bill Nelson was on CNN just before 8:00 pm EDT Sunday night to talk about the UAP/UFO report released by the Pentagon Friday evening. Nelson said "I have seen the unclassified and classified version of the report. It says what we thought. We do not know what the answer is to what those navy pilots saw. I have asked our scientists if there is any kind of explanation. I am awaiting their report. My feeling is that there is clearly something there. It may not be extraterrestrial. But if it is our adversaries' technology then we should be concerned." Nelson then said "we have a program at NASA called the Search For Extraterrestrial Intelligence" and concluded by saying "When we launch James Webb Space Telescope it will peer back in time and we will learn more."

Newsflash: NASA does not fund SETI - nor does NASA have a program by the name "Search For Extraterrestrial Intelligence". Someone needs to brief Nelson a little more efficiently the next time he discusses this topic on TV. Just sayin'.

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Keith's update: Bill Nelson makes gaffs. And he will make more. Other than irksome Keith, no one else probably cares about this one. It was aired on a Sunday night, so no one saw it - and everyone is now focused on Bill Barr's comments about the 2020 election in a new book. But Nelson has said that his 'scientists' are working on this so some people are going to start asking when that report is due, what the scientists found, can we see the report, etc.

So ... is that upcoming NASA UAP report going to be another nothing burger like DoD's, or, if I had a say, a report that tackles the big questions directly regarding life in the universe using existing NASA efforts, and uses some judo to justify a more robust Astrobiology program - with some SETI and Technosignatures research. But that the focus, as Seth Shostak says, should be mostly outward where more life is to be found - more than downward. The current NASA Astrobiology program arose in a similar fashion in 1996/1997 on the heels of the ALH84001 "Mars Meteorite" putative Mars fossils announcement. I was there in all of the organizing meetings. People in attendance saw a chance to seize the moment and utilize the energy that surrounded the ongoing discussion - and they did so successfully. Alas, NASA's current Astrobiology program and its larger advisory structure is not up to a focused, strategic effort such as the one that built NASA's Astrobiology program in the first place. So ... never mind.

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