Counter-Programming Against The Rich People In Space Meme

Keith's note: OK space fans. While the focus of this taxpayer policy advertisement is not a majority opinion, it is not an infrequently heard one either. To be certain, the organization trying to push for tax reform abducted the images and symbolism of the Branson/Bezos flights and used it for a gratuitous flyby attention grabber - because, why not? It works.

Meanwhile, outside the space bubble, out in the real world, where people are unemployed, facing disease and possibly eviction, and otherwise not experiencing the happiest, forward-looking of times, seeing ultra-rich people cavorting in space is perhaps not the best way to advertise the promise of space. I'm not suggesting that these commercial efforts stop. Rather, that people in a position to influence events and public commentary pause for a moment to think of ways to counter the negative impact of the space tourism thing with mention of space-related things of basic, commonplace societal benefit.

NASA is not going to do this since NASA has never really demonstrated that skillset. And they will never have it. Rather, its something that others should be thinking about right now. Just a thought.

This angry taxpayer ad is not the only one to borrow the space meme to make a point. There are many others. You may not go for what Big Oil is trying to put forth in their ads, but they do portray space as something hopeful. It is possible. Just sayin'

Or this ad which speaks to young people who think about space - a lot.

Oh yes, then there's this space program analogy in an op ed yesterday about preparing for the next pandemic - from the President's science advisor ...

As bad as covid-19 has been, a future pandemic could be even worse -- unless we act now, Opinion, Eric Lander, Washington Post

"These goals are ambitious, but they're feasible -- provided the work is managed with the seriousness, focus and accountability of NASA's Apollo Program, which sent humans to the moon."

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