Blue Origin Is Having A Bad Week

Blue Origin "Gambled" with its Moon lander pricing, NASA says in legal documents, The Verge

"Overall, NASA effectively called BS on that argument, saying "Blue Origin made a bet and it lost." Blue Origin "made an assumption about the Agency's HLS budget, built its proposal with this figure in mind, and also separately made a calculated bet that if NASA could not afford Blue Origin's initially-proposed price, the Agency would select Blue Origin for award and engage in post-selection negotiations to allow Blue Origin to lower its price. All of these assumptions were incorrect," the four NASA attorneys wrote in the so-called Agency Report, dated May 26th. "Realizing now that it gambled and lost, Blue Origin seeks to use GAO's procurement oversight function to improperly compel NASA to suffer the consequences of Blue Origin's ill-conceived choices."

Keith's note: You simply must read this. Joey Roulette did a splendid job. The art of FOIA.

Keith's update: But wait, there's more:

FAA to review safety concerns raised by former Blue Origin employees, Reuters

"The Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) said Thursday it will review safety concerns raised by former Blue Origin employees about billionaire Jeff Bezos' space company."

Bezos Wants to Create a Better Future in Space. His Company Blue Origin Is Stuck in a Toxic Past, Lioness

"We are a group of 21 former and current employees of Blue Origin. Many of us have spent our careers dreaming of helping to launch a crewed rocket into space and seeing it safely touch back down on Earth. But when Jeff Bezos flew to space this July, we did not share his elation. Instead, many of us watched with an overwhelming sense of unease. Some of us couldn't bear to watch at all."

Blue Origin fired a senior executive, citing inappropriate behavior. Current and former employees say it's part of the company's toxic culture, Washington Post

"Another former employee, who participated in writing the blog post, told The Post that working at Blue Origin was "a dispiriting and chaotic experience. That behavior was modeled and not held accountable. Even junior members started to mirror that. It's such a mess."

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