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NASA Needs a Lead Program Office for Artemis, Op Ed, Kevin Chilton, Space News

"It's time to take the best lessons from our past and meld them with the promises of today's technologies and innovative industrial base. It's time to stand up an Artemis Program Office, modeled after the Apollo Program Office, with the long-term strategic vision for human exploration of Mars as its guiding star, but with a near-term laser focus on getting us back to the moon to stay -- safely, on schedule, and within budget."

Keith's note: Newsflash Kevin: the whole "on schedule, and within budget" thing just ain't gonna happen since the schedule and budget have slipped, non-stop for more than a decade. Unless you have a time machine, your rationale for doing Apollo 2.0 program management is impossible - unless you just move the goal posts yet again to artificially reset schedule and budget.

But wait: "SLS... is the only rocket that can currently send Orion, astronauts, and cargo to the moon in a single mission." Really Kevin? There's a lander on that SLS stack along with Orion?

Then there's this amazing revelation on Kevin's part: "Going forward, it will be critical for NASA to incentivize and hold key contractors accountable for meeting performance, cost, and schedule targets." Well DUH. How did we all miss that for the past half century?

The mindset put forth in this op ed would have NASA discard all of the progress it has made in space commerce out of nostalgia for a program management style from the Cold War - one utilized barely 20 years after World War II. NASA is not going to suddenly change its stripes because everyone has a new mail code.

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Terran Orbital - Extraordinary Capabilities to Support Any Mission
John Glenn Memorial Symposium - July 18-20, 2022
Kepler Communications - Aether - Unbound Connectivity to your on-orbit assets

John Glenn Memorial Symposium - July 18-20, 2022
Kepler Communications - Aether - Unbound Connectivity to your on-orbit assets

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