Rogozin On Russia And ISS: Will They Stay Or Will They Go?

Decision on space station's service limit depends on situation regarding Russia - Rogozin, TASS

"Russia will make a decision on the future of the International Space Station (ISS) based on the developments regarding the country, Head of Russia's State Space Corporation Roscosmos Dmitry Rogozin said in an interview with TASS on Friday. "We should not hustle now declaring our stance and will carry on with our work within the timeframe set by the government, which is until 2024," Rogozin said. "A decision regarding the ISS future will depend to a great extent on the developing situation both in Russia and around it." He also said that if Russia decided to withdraw from the ISS project, it would notify its foreign partners about this decision a year in advance. Rogozin reiterated that a package of proposals on Russia's cooperation with foreign partners on the ISS project after the year of 2024 was sent to Russian President Vladimir Putin and the country's government."

Russia Will Quit International Space Station Over Sanctions, Bloomberg

"The head of Russia's space program said Moscow will pull out of the International Space Station, state media reported, a move it has blamed on sanctions imposed over the invasion of Ukraine. "The decision has been taken already, we're not obliged to talk about it publicly," Tass and RIA Novosti reported Roscosmos General Director Dmitry Rogozin as saying in an interview with state TV on Saturday."

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