No One Asks The Artemis Generation For Advice About The Artemis Generation

NASA Administrator Announces Next NAC Meeting, New Members, NASA

"NASA Administrator Bill Nelson announced Wednesday the NASA Advisory Council (NAC) will convene its next meeting on August 9-10. Nelson also appointed new members to the NAC, who will provide leadership counsel and advice on agency programs and priorities."

Keith's note: Blah Blah Blah. One of the appointees is a former, elderly Senate sidekick of Nelson's. The others are certainly more than qualified - BUT - with all this incessant chatter from NASA about diversity and the Artemis Generation - why is it that these NASA advisory committees always end up with the usual suspects? Why are there no actual members of the Artemis Generation - or people who will be directly supervising the Artemis Generation - on these committees? Oh, and just wait until the moribund National Space Council Users Advisory Group (still in hibernation) eventually announces its new membership which will almost certainly be similarly inclined towards the same people talking to one another in the same old echo chamber.

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