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27 June 2004: An ill wind blows for bit of NASA history, Daily Press

"The military had a glut of tunnels too, so NASA and the Department of Defense formed the National Aeronautics Testing Alliance to figure out which tunnels weren't needed anymore. Alliance members looked at NASA's three major transonic tunnels - the 11-Foot Transonic Tunnel at Ames Research Center in California and at Langley the National Transonic Facility and the 16-Foot, said Vic Lebacqz, the head of NASA's aeronautics office."

2 June 2004: NASA's 'scramjet' funding in jeopardy, Daily Press

"Funding for hypersonics research has not been consistent over the past four decades. After President Bush announced in January his vision to send humans to the moon, Mars and beyond, NASA dropped plans to fund a larger hypersonic craft called the X-43c. Researchers often speak about past military and NASA programs that have run out of money just as they showed promise." Editor's note:This is all a bit crazy: NASA pushes the envelope where no one has gone before, and then the money to actually exploit this accomplishment is yanked out from under the agency.



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