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21 December 2004: Playing defense - Community must mobilize to protect NASA Langley, OpEd, Daily Press

"Hampton seems to grasp the threat, and will need to mount a defensive action. But this isn't just a Hampton issue. Every nearby locality, all of Hampton Roads, should be arming to make the case for Langley and protect the research it does. Because that research is critical to the nation's economy and security. And because Langley employees and purchases add enormously to the intellectual, economic and cultural capital of this area."

Editor's note: Just a suggestion folks: the last time y'all mounted a pro-LaRC/Aeronautics PR offensive you ran some ads on TV which aired up here in Washington, DC area. The images of the airplane wreckage floating in the ocean had the exact opposite effect than it was apparently intended to have. Oh yes: the FY06 Federal budget is not going to make anyone happy - anywhere. So if you are just going to complain about not getting enough money you'll just have to get in line with everyone else who feels the same way. Its going to be a long line.



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