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A New NACA To Save Langley?

Bring back the NACA, OpEd, Daily Press

"The aeronautics-and-space agency's bias disfavoring aeronautics is built-in, permanent, shared by the media, worsened by the current budget threats and dangerous to American prospects in world technology competition."

What might a new NACA look like?, OpEd, Daily Press

"For long-view insight, the committee could use a historian like Duke University's Alex Roland, who wrote the definitive NACA history."

Editor's note: If you folks are really going to pursue this notion of a new NACA, the last thing you want to do is embark on this path with a self-imposed chip on your shoulder.

Testing facilities at NASA vulnerable, Cleveland Plain Dealer

"NASA Glenn Research Center risks losing crucial testing facilities that laid the foundation of the space lab's work with aircraft."

Bad Aeronautics News Unfolds

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Internal NASA Memo: ARMD Research Center Test Facility Closures Due to FY06 NASA Budget

"The Aeronautics Research Mission Directorate is likely to close a number of the wind tunnels/other large ground test facilities that fall under our HCE responsibility at the beginning of FY06. So as to not take any unilateral actions that would adversely effect your programs, we ask that you review the list of facilities likely to close as shown below and that you respond back to us by noting those facilities from the list that from your Mission Directorate perspective either cannot or should not close."



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