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Sen. Allen loses fight for NASA funding, Daily Press

"The Senate Commerce, Science and Transportation Committee, which oversees NASA, said Allen's plan to avoid a 6 percent cut in aeronautics funding next year would undermine President Bush's top priority for NASA: returning man to the moon by 2020 as a stepping stone to Mars."

Changes in Aeronautics

NASA Internal Memo From J. Victor Lebacqz Regarding Aeronautics Personnel Changes

"Yesterday I learned that, because of the respect the new people have for all of you as we have been dealing with issues and trying to accomplish new beginnings in Aeronautics, I was not given a directed reassignment. Nonetheless, the Administrator does want to bring in a complete new management team, and that includes Associate Administrator for Aeronautics. It was emphasized to me that this is not in the same category as the directed reassignments. The A suite intends that the transition will be handled carefully and in as transparent a way as possible, and they are committed to working closely with me to ensure this over the next several months. I am also assured that I will not be treated as lame duck but as a fully engaged AA, and I certainly intend to operate that way as we continue to work hard to turn around the situation in NASA aeronautics."

Hampton Update

NASA wind tunnel fees under review, Daily Press

"NASA Headquarters is working on taking the bite out of an accounting measure that has caused Langley Research Center wind tunnel rates to increase in recent years."

NASA redoing job reviews, Daily Press

"Rerunning the process could improve job offers for some and give others a second chance at employment, Langley spokeswoman Marny Skora said. But the fear is that NASA might retract job offers made to some workers in April, said Marie Lane, president of the local chapter of the American Federation of Government Employees."

Are we there yet? No. But we could be, with the right investments (Opinion), Daily Press

"The SATS show marks the culmination of a five-year partnership of NASA, the Federal Aviation Administration and an industry group called the National Consortium for Aviation Mobility. It was headquartered at our own NASA Langley Research Center. The point of the program was to prove the system will work. It will."

Aviation experts remain optimistic about small aircraft technology, Daily Press

"Will NASA's declining aeronautics budget support future work in the Small Aircraft Transportation System, or will it fall off the agency's radar screen?"

House panel restores funds for aeronautics, Daily Press

"Among other things, the bill would cut $10 million from the International Space Station and $10 million from launch services for the space shuttle. Sen. Kay Bailey Hutchison, R-Texas, who heads a Senate subcommittee that oversees NASA, has said she would oppose any effort to divert money from the space station to aeronautics."



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