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NASA Names New Aeronautics Associate Administrator

"NASA Administrator Michael Griffin today named veteran scientist Lisa J. Porter as associate administrator for the Aeronautics Mission Directorate. She will lead the agency's aeronautics research efforts and continue to lead NASA's efforts in the development of national aeronautics policy in cooperation with other government agencies."

For a summary of the scrambling that has been going on in Aeronautics have a look at Aeronautics: Hurry Up and Wait, NASA Watch

Editor's note: Please fix your website too. Vic Lebacqz hasn't been the "Assoicate" Administrator for Aeronautics for quite some time.

NASA's first 'A' is still important to U.S. economy , OpEd, The Hill

"I urge conferees to embrace the $906.2 million figure for NASA aeronautics research in the 2006 science, state, justice, commerce and related agencies appropriations bill. "



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