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Aeronautics Cuts Ahead

Delegates to push NASA's vision at budget hearing, Daily Press

"The president's NASA budget for fiscal year 2007 is expected to be about $17.9 billion, up from $16.2 billion a year ago. But the aeronautics request is expected to be $694.4 million, down 14 percent."

Next year could be even tougher for Langley, Virginian-Pilot

"Langley jobs are safe through next year, thanks to legislation that Virginias delegation helped push through last month that protects NASAs aeronautics workers from layoffs through March 16, 2007."

NASA Restructures Aeronautics Research

"NASA is returning to long-term investment in cutting-edge fundamental research in traditional aeronautics disciplines," Porter said. "We are investing in research for the long-term in areas that are appropriate to NASA's unique capabilities and meeting our charter of addressing national needs and benefiting the public good."

NASA's FY 2007 Budget Submission to OMB, NASA Watch

Aeronautics Research: FY 2006: $807.4 M | FY 2007: $694.4 M | Delta: -14.0%



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