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X-37 Update

X-37 Flies Captive...Again (with photos), Mojave Weblog

"March 24, 2006 - It wasn't planned that way, of course, but the NASA/DARPA/Boeing X-37 got an extra captive carry flight under its belt this morning. It was supposed to be the vehicle's first free-flight, with a landing over at Roger's Dry Pond (aka Edwards AFB), and for once the Mojave weather was actually cooperative. But the microwaves weren't."

X-37 Flight Tomorrow

Editor's note: According to our X-37 watcher the Free Flight 1 of an X-37 is now scheduled for 6AM PST on Friday,
24-Mar-2006. Weather looks good.

IFPTE: NASA Aeronautics Amendment Passes

"The IFPTE supported NASA Aeronautics funding amendment described in the attached letter passed the Senate yesterday by Unanimous Consent. The amendment passed as a part of the Senate's consideration of the FY07 Budget bill."

IFPTE Supported NASA Aeronautics Amendment - Sen. Mike DeWine To Offer, IFPTE

"To All IFPTE Locals: Attached is a letterwe sent yesterday to everySenate officeexpressing IFPTE's support for two potential amendments to be offered by Sen. Mike DeWine (R, OH) this week. As you can see, the amendments are intended to be offered during consideration of the FY07 Budget bill, and are aimed at restoring the funding for NASA's aeronautics programs to last year's levels."



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