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Committee Examines the Progress and Problems of the Next Generation Air Transportation System Initiative

"Hope and good intentions by themselves are not going to be sufficient to ensure success," added Chairman Udall."We are going to need commitment, accountability and ultimately, effective performance by all involved...and I am troubled by indications that all may not be going as well as hoped with the NextGen effort."

Joint Planning and Development Office: Progress and Key Issues in Planning the Transition to the Next Generation Air Transportation System, GAO

Rep. Ken Calvert Concerned Over NASA's Restructured Role In Developing NextGen

Editor's note: Word has it that an Airbus 380 - which landed at Dulles Airport last night - will be doing a flyover up, down, and around the Potomac and Washington, DC today between 11:15 and 12:30. The idea is to get photos of this uber monster plane set against the U.S. Capitol building - thus rubing our collective noses in this accomplishment (I suppose). Heads Up Lisa Porter - competition overhead!

Editor's 11:18 am EDT note: I just saw this monster fly over my house (I live close to Dulles) heading Southeast toward Washington. It looks to be the size of a C5A - but much more graceful.



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