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NASA to Announce Commercial Human Lander Awards for Artemis Moon Missions, NASA

"NASA will host a media teleconference at 1 p.m. EDT Thursday, April 30, to announce the companies selected to develop modern human landing systems (HLS) that will carry the first woman and next man to the surface of the Moon by 2024 and develop sustainable lunar exploration by the end of the decade. Audio of the call will stream online at:"

NASA Develops COVID-19 Prototype Ventilator in 37 Days

"A new high-pressure ventilator developed by NASA engineers and tailored to treat coronavirus (COVID-19) patients passed a critical test Tuesday at the Icahn School of Medicine at Mount Sinai in New York, an epicenter of COVID-19 in the United States."

NASA Contributes Expertise, Ingenuity to COVID-19 Fight, NASA

"On April 1, NASA launched an agencywide call for ideas on its internal crowdsourcing platform NASA@WORK for how the agency can leverage its expertise and capabilities to help the nation with this unprecedented crisis. In just two weeks, 250 ideas were submitted, more than 500 comments were submitted, and more than 4,500 votes were cast."

NASA to Host Media Call Today on Contributions to COVID-19 National Response, NASA

"NASA Administrator Jim Bridenstine and other agency leaders and experts will host a media video conference at 4:30 p.m. EDT today, Thursday, April 23, to discuss how the agency is channeling its expertise and ingenuity to help the fight against coronavirus (COVID-19)."

Keith's 4:40 pm note: You can watch/listen to this event here: NASA PAO has refused to provide me with the dial-in information - despite having sent a request to the designated PAO representative more than 3 hours ago. So here is my question - doubtful that I will get an answer. "WIll NASA be filing patents for these COVID-19 ideas or will the information be released without intent to patent or under a Creative Commons license since these ideas were provided by NASA civil servants? If there is intellectual property that needs to be protected by patenting or other formal processes how long will that take and how will it delay the release of these ideas for use to reply during the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic?"

Keith's update: Only after I complained by email and Twitter to PAO did I get a Webex invitation from PAO for an event that was already 40 minutes underway. When I clicked on the start link in the email NASA sent me I was downloading software that cannot be opened due to a malicious software error originating at By the time I reinstalled the software that was now screwed up the event was over. I give up.

P.S. other media folks were complaining about crashing and malfunctioning webcasts too.

NASA Weekly Update from the Administrator - April 20, 2020

"Our agency's efforts to help mitigate the spread of COVID-19 and continue our mission are very impressive. Our Perseverance Mars rover is making final steps to launch this summer, mission schedules for the first human launches in the Commercial Crew Program are being set, and our OSIRIS-REx team completed the first practice run for landing the spacecraft on the asteroid Bennu despite the added difficulty of working remotely. The work we are doing is inspiring."

NASA Weekly Update from the Administrator - April 13, 2020, NASA

"Determining to help others in times of distress rather than focusing only on your own needs is a great demonstration of character. I have been overwhelmed by the many stories of how the NASA team is helping their coworkers and our various communities across the nation. Every effort, whether big or small is significant. For example, the NASA at Home website's collective efforts have garnered more than 483,000 page views and 89,000 mentions on social media that potentially reached more than 4 billion people! There is no doubt that people across the world appreciate the lengths our team will go to help during this unprecedented pandemic. You are making a difference when people need it the most. Thank you!"

Message From The NASA Administrator: Adjusting to the Temporary "New Normal"

"It's been just over two weeks since NASA transitioned, as an agency, into Stage 3 of its coronavirus (COVID-19) response framework. In that time, several facilities have moved into Stage 4 due to on-site COVID-19 cases and/or an increasing number of cases in their surrounding communities. Marshall Space Flight Center recently became the latest to move to Stage 4. Approximately 75% of our workforce is now working from home - some in home offices, some at the kitchen table. Some of us have taken over the dining room, or other room that, just weeks ago, had been a shared space for family, friends, roommates, etc. I want to thank everyone who supports a NASA employee on the home front."

Message From The NASA Administrator: Help the Nation - Bring Your Ideas to NASA@WORK, NASA

"Over the past few weeks, I've heard from employees across the agency who want to help the nation through this unprecedented time. These comments exemplify the prevailing, can-do spirit of NASA people and our willingness to take on any challenge. As the nation comes together to confront this crisis, we must look at every opportunity for NASA to lend a hand and increase our contribution to America's response. We have unique capabilities--several of which are already being used to help combat COVID-19. We also have talented people and decades of experience finding solutions to complex problems. NASA will continue to support the Administration and local response efforts by our field centers. Starting today, we're also asking the NASA workforce for ideas of how the agency can leverage its expertise and capabilities to provide additional support. Using our internal crowdsourcing platform NASA@WORK, you can submit ideas for solutions relevant to COVID-19. Multiple ideas may be selected for follow-up and potential action."

NASA Taps Workforce for Innovative Ideas for Coronavirus Response Efforts, NASA

"For the initial call for ideas, NASA leadership, working with the White House and other government agencies, determined three focus areas around personal protective equipment, ventilation devices, and monitoring and forecasting the spread and impacts of the virus. Other creative ideas are encouraged as well, and as COVID-19 evolves, the NASA @ WORK challenge may introduce additional topic areas to address the needs of the country." For employees seeking more information about the NASA @ WORK opportunity, visit:"

Keith's note: The responses below were to a tweet by Nestor Tezna @NestorTezna who is Policy Director (acting) at NASA. He was responding to my comment to @JimBridenstine. Tezna said that NASA was working with other agencies and commercial partners. I then tweeted these two replies. He responded back to thank me for my support. And then he deleted his original tweets. Odd.



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