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Kevin Hand's Antarctic Journal 20 January 2005

"Kevin Hand has just arrived in Antarctica. In the coming weeks he will travel to the Dry Valleys where he will be conducting astrobiology research. Kevin will be sending updates back to SpaceRef. This is his first update."

Editor's note: Kevin Hand is one of the young astrobiologists featured in James Cameron's soon-to-be-released IMAX fim "Aliens of the Deep" (see earlier story)

"In Aliens of the Deep, Academy Award-winning director, deep-ocean adventurer, and space-exploration visionary James Cameron invites you to join him and a team of space and ocean scientists on a journey to the depths of the ocean. You will travel to seafloor hydrothermal vents in the Atlantic and Pacific oceans to see some of the most amazing rock formations and strangest life forms on our planet."

- Movie Trailer
- Official Movie website
- Educator's guide (PDF)

Editor's note: This IMAX film is directed by NASA Advisory Committee member James Cameron, and features NASA astrobiologist Pat Conrad, NASA Astrobiology Academy graduates Kevin Hand and Loretta Hildago, and NASA planetary scientist Kelly Snook.



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