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Scientist at center of Mars flap speaks out, MSNBC

"... What happened next is up for debate. Stoker says neither she nor Lemke ever implied that her work could be extrapolated to suggest present life on Mars. She certainly never told anyone that a paper to that effect was about to be published in the journal Nature, she says. Several people at the party, however, later told a journalist that they had said that. The subsequent Space News article set off a brief media frenzy in mid-February that eventually led to a rare official denial from NASA."

NASA Science Funding Cut In FY 2006 Proposal, US Medicine Information Central

"We used to be the Office of Biological and Physical Research," [Terri Lomax, PhD, acting deputy associate administrator for research within Exploration Systems] said in an interview with U.S. MEDICINE. "We were doing the very best biology that you could do in space and the very best physics you could do in space. But now, we realize that we have products that we need out of our research in order to enable this ambitious exploration agenda."

Kevin Hand's Antarctic Journal 1 March 2005

"Ok, well, this is it folks, one last email and then I'm on a plane back to LA. I've been in New Zealand for a bit and I've finally had a chance to type up my notes for this final update about our work in Antarctica. Here we go... So the last update gave you a sense of the research we're doing. Now let me give you a sense of life in the field and what it's like to live, work, and eat in the middle of nowhere in Antarctica."



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