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NAI Gets a New Director

NASA Ames Announces Change in Astrobiology Management

"Dr. Carl Pilcher, senior scientist for astrobiology at NASA Headquarters, Washington, has been appointed director of the NASA Astrobiology Institute (NAI) based at NASA Ames Research Center, Moffett Field, Calif. The appointment is effective Sept. 18, 2006."

NASA analyst to take helm of NCSU's graduate school, Triangle Business Journal

"North Carolina State University on Wednesday named a NASA senior policy analyst as dean of its graduate school. Terri Lomax, who also works as a professor at Oregon State University, will take over the helm of the NCSU Graduate School on Oct. 1. She succeeds Robert Sowell, who retired in June after a 36-year career with the university."

Mars Society conference report: Griffin and Elon not ready for K2 summit push,

"How do we motivate students to study astrobiology if this science is not favored in the budget?" asked a teacher. "If they want to work for government money, they must look at what the government wants - not what they think it should want. If they want to work with something the government doesn't want, they'll have to find other money to fund it," Griffin stated."

  • What Griffin Thinks - and the Academy Says - About Astrobiology, earlier post
  • NASA Advisory Council Science Committee Presentation 18 May 2006
  • Saving Astrobiology at NASA, SpaceRef
  • No more protection, editorial, Nature (subscription)

    "It is bad enough that Earth science at NASA has already fallen victim to cuts and cancellations as has, for what its worth, astrobiology. Now an important rhetorical basis for resisting more attrition has been removed, feeding fears that a real understanding of how the climate works is not high on the administration's agenda. Earth sciences are still well represented in NASA's plans, but they have been symbolically set aside to further a vision that looks only outwards, never back."

    NASA threatens to axe science on space station, Nature (subscription)

    "I can't believe that they would discuss this with a straight face," says former NASA employee Keith Cowing, who broke the story on his website, NASA Watch."



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