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NASA Scientists Find Primordial Organic Matter in Tagish Lake Meteorite

"Organic matter in meteorites is a subject of intense interest because this material formed at the dawn of the Solar System and may have seeded the early Earth with the building blocks of life. The Tagish Lake meteorite is especially valuable for this work because much of it was collected immediately after its fall over Canada in 2000 and has been maintained in a frozen state, minimizing terrestrial contamination. The collection and curation of the meteorite samples preserved its pristine state."

Outspoken: Mike Griffin on the NASA budget," Nature

"Deep cuts to NASA astrobiology - Griffin: "I did think astrobiology was less important than traditional space science. It had less intrinsic subject matter to it, and was less advanced."

Statement by Baruch S. Blumberg at the Opening of the Carl Sagan Center for the Study of Life in the Universe

"The President's Vision for Space Exploration requires astrobiology as a major, if not principle, science support. The National Research Council report, An Assessment of Balance in NASA's Science Programs, and NASA's Advisory Council noted that astrobiology informs many of NASA's missions and has a powerful appeal to students."



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