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Mystery Snacks on ISS

Editor's update: I came across this image from the ISS crew tonight. The caption says "Astronaut Sunita L. Williams, Expedition 14 flight engineer, takes a snack break near the galley in the Zvezda Service Module of the International Space Station."

So ... are those three trained banana slugs sitting side by side on that chocolate covered graham cracker (or frosted brownie) - or is it just very precisely applied peanut butter? Or (yuck): cheese from an aerosol can? Or is it some Russian glop from a tube? Help me PAO ... I have to know.

Gee, I wonder what Martha Stewart thinks of this - the presentation is a little off. Throw that pastry chef out of the airlock!

Editor's update: NASA PAO checked with the ISS crew: the substance on top is peanut butter - and the item underneath is a brownie.

World's Fifth Space Tourist to Take Gourmet Meal to Space

"The menu for the meal, which was prepared by Alain Ducasse's consulting and training center, ADF, was selected by Dr. Simonyi's friend Martha Stewart."

And now for today's YouTube Video: NASA Edge - Space Food Cook Off (Link below)

"Needs more jelly beans"

Nowak Update

Ex-astronaut pleads not guilty to kidnap charge, AP

"Former astronaut Lisa Nowak's attorneys formally entered a not guilty plea Thursday to charges that she tried to kidnap a rival for a space shuttle pilot's affections. Nowak's trial is scheduled to begin July 30 on charges of attempted kidnapping, burglary with assault and battery."

Nowak Update

U.S. astronauts trial could start as early as July, AP

"A former astronaut arrested on charges of trying to kidnap a rival for the romantic affections of another astronaut could face trial in late July in Florida, the State Attorney's Office said Tuesday. Lisa Nowak's trial has been scheduled for a two-week period starting July 30, said Danielle Tavernier, a spokeswoman for State Attorney Lawson Lamar."

Lisa Nowak's New Job

Nowak to fill post at NAS-CC, Corpus Christi Caller Times

"Starting March 21, Nowak, a Navy captain, will be assigned to the staff of the Chief of Naval Air Training at Naval Air Station Corpus Christi, Cmdr. Lydia Robertson said."

Lisa Nowak NASA BIO

"Nowak returned to navy duty effective March 8, 2007."

Editor's note: Gee, that statement has certainly been sanitized by NASA PAO.

NASA terminates Nowak from space program, Orlando Sentinel

"NASA announced today that Navy Capt. Lisa Nowak's assignment in the space agency's astronaut corps will end Thursday. Nowak, who was arrested last month in Orlando on charges she attempted to kidnap a romantic rival, remains an active duty naval officer. She has been "on detail" to NASA as an astronaut since her selection in 1996."

NASA Statement Regarding the Status of Astronaut Lisa Nowak

"NASA requested an end to the detail because the agency lacks the administrative means to deal appropriately with the criminal charges pending against Nowak. Because Nowak is a naval officer on assignment to NASA, rather than a NASA civil servant, she is not subject to administrative action by NASA."

Editor's note: In other words, after decades of using military personnel as astronauts it never occurred to NASA to put a policy place to deal with such contingencies. What has me wondering is what NASA will do now - and what policies are - or (more likely) are not in place to deal with such a situation when the individual is not active duty military personnel. Its so easy for NASA to just to dump Lisa Nowak (and associated issues) back on the Navy. It would not be so easy to deal with a similar situation involving NASA civil servants. Indeed, with nearly 20,000 civil servants at NASA, it is rather astonishing that no one ever put such capabilities in place - or planned to do so - in the nearly 50 years the agency has been in existence. Is NASA looking into doing so now?

Where's Bill?

Space Shuttle STS-116 Astronauts to Visit NASA's Marshall Center March 6

"Commander Mark Polansky and members of Space Shuttle Discovery's STS-116 mission will visit NASA's Marshall Space Flight Center in Huntsville, Ala., Tuesday, March 6."

Editor's note: Let's see if Bill Oefeleinshows up. Last week he missed a chance to visit Capitol Hill with the rest of the STS-116 crew (sans Sunita Williams who is on the ISS).

Editor's update: Love triangle a tragedy, say fellow astronauts, Huntsville Times

"Oefelein was the pilot on board Discovery during the Dec. 9-22 mission, but did not visit Marshall Tuesday with other crew members."

Love notes shed light on astronaut assault case, Orlando Sentinel

"A love note e-mailed to an orbiting space shuttle was one of the ways NASA astronaut Lisa Nowak learned she had a rival for astronaut Bill Oefelein's affections. Considered unemotional and shy, Nowak collected that e-mail and a dozen others showing her boyfriend had a new lover before she went on a bizarre, 969-mile odyssey last month to confront the woman in a parking lot at Orlando International Airport, according to documents released Monday."

Reader note: "Keith: Not that this is huge news or anything, but I thought you'd be amused at how unsecure the "love letter" email PDFs are, the ones being talked about in the Orlando Sentinel and other outlets. There are a number of blacked-out bits that can be deleted by opening the PDF in Adobe Illustrator. Shipman calls her boss a jackass, and her and Oefelein's email addresses can be seen. Whoever is covering over the information in an attempt to hide it had no idea how to do it right. Again, probably nothing earth-shattering, but amusing."

NASA Astronaut Lisa Nowak Avoids Attempted Murder Charge, AHN

"NASA astronaut Lisa Marie Nowak, who allegedly made a nearly 1,000-mile trek to confront a woman she saw as a rival for another astronaut's affections, will not face attempted-murder charges, Florida prosecutors said on Friday. Instead, the 43-year-old Navy captain and mother of three will be charged with burglary with a weapon, attempted kidnapping with intent to inflect bodily harm, and battery."

Astronaut Lisa Nowak charged with kidnapping attempt, AP

"Nowak flew on Discovery last summer and won praise for operating the shuttle's robotic arm. NASA relieved her of all mission duties after her arrest and placed her on a 30-day leave, which is up next Thursday."

Gordon Cooper Space Flown NASA Project Mercury Helmet, eBay

"Mechanical Visor Helmet worn by Gordon Cooper on his historic MA-9 Mercury Flight. This was purchased by me in 1995 by a reputable dealer. It was bought with the understanding that it was used by Cooper as his training helmet. I later came to realize that it was his flight helmet."

Editor's note: Things like this (if it is what the seller claims it is) belong in the Smithsonian.



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