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2007 NASA Honor Awards Ceremony at JSC

"The JSC community is invited to attend the 2007 NASA Honor Awards Ceremony on Tuesday, June 5, 2007, at 1:00 p.m. in the Teague Auditorium. This annual ceremony recognizes distinguished individuals and groups from across JSC and the surrounding area for their outstanding contributions to the Nation's space program."

"NASA SPACE FLIGHT MEDAL ... Lisa M. Nowak [NASA Space Flight Medal (flight crew members) An award givenfor significant achievement or service during individual participation as a civilian or military astronaut, pilot, mission specialist, payload specialist, or other space flight participant in a space flight mission.]"

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2007 NASA Honor Awards Ceremony at JSC

"NASA DISTINGUISHED SERVICE MEDAL ... Marsha S. Ivins [NASA Distinguished Service Medal (Government employees only) The highest honor that NASA confers. It may be awarded to any person in the Federal service who, by distinguished service, ability, or courage, has personally made a contribution representing substantial progress to the NASA mission. The contribution must be so extraordinary that other forms of recognition would be inadequate.]"

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Billy-O Update

Editor's note: Reliable sources report that astronaut Bill Oefelein will be leaving NASA's Astronaut Corps and will be heading back to the Navy -- soon.

Flat Gorby on Ice

Editor's note: Flat Gorby has also been sighted in the Canadian arctic. Luckily he is in a Mac laptop which should keep him nice and warm.

Editor's note: We have another Flat Gorby sighting - this time he is helping (they got the web address slightly wrong). This is "a grass roots effort of volunteers from across the country coming together to provide support for animals during crisis situations. The group was formed in the wake of Hurricane Katrina, when there was a need for ongoing support in the communities of Coastal Mississippi."

Editor's note: "Flat Gorby is also onboard station, or at least a dog who looks like him. I've attached an image [enlarge] that was a screen capture at the end of test operations for the Capillary Flow Experiments Vane Gap 2 experiment. The test vessels are mounted to the MWA and one of the ISS PD100 camcorders is positioned to record the data. The camera is typically left on after testing is complete, including the "fly around" when it is re-positioned back to the end of the US lab module as one of the end node cameras."

Gorby Update

Editor's note: The following excerpt regarding Sunita Williams' increasingly famous dog "Gorby" is from a live "ship to ship" conversation between the NEEMO 12 crew aboard the Aquarius habitat and Suni Williams aboard the International Space Station held on 17 May 2007:

Suni Williams/ISS: "I also want to say thank you so much for bringing Gorby with you. Its really cool to see him. You guys know I really miss him, I miss home - but up here its such a wonderful experience. But to see him there with you is pretty cool - so thank you so much."

Heidemarie M. Stefanyshyn-Piper/NEEMO: "Well, Suni, you should be getting an email - I passed it on to Shannon to send you. Yesterday we had our PAO event - and when we had it with Keith Cowing from NASA Watch [transcript]. He asked us 'who the dog was' [on the Aquarius refrigerator]. So we told him all about it - that it was your dog, at that it was "Flat Gorby". So, in the article he wrote, well, I think NEEMO got mentioned, but the rest of the article was all about Gorby. [Laughter] So now Gorby is a celebrity."

Nowak waited for rival an hour, videotape shows, AP

"Former astronaut Lisa Nowak waited nearly an hour at the airport for the romantic rival she is accused of attacking, donning a trench coat as the woman looked for her bags, a video released Friday shows. The security footage from Orlando International Airport depicts Nowak arriving at 12:33 a.m. Feb. 5, then following 10 to 15 yards behind Air Force Capt. Colleen Shipman as Shipman went to the baggage-claim area."

view video, Orlando Sentinel

Editor's note: In their on-going attempt to utterly trivialize this whole sad affair, Fox News had three talking heads on today to discuss this tape. One of them, Mercedes Colwin, went on and on about how special the astronauts are, repeatedly noted that Lisa Nowak was a "hero", and emphasized several times that "there have only been six female astronauts throughout NASA's history". I did a quick count from this page and got 37 American female astronauts - 39 if you count payload specialists and teacher astronauts. If Fox is going to get "experts" on to discuss things like this, the least they can do is to find someone who can count.

Nowak Story: Idiotic Banter From Fox's Talking Heads, Previous post

Nowak Saga Update

Ex-astronaut's lawyer gets more time to plan defense, Orlando Sentinel

"A judge Friday granted former NASA astronaut Lisa Nowak's defense attorney more time to decide whether he will base her defense on mental-health issues. Donald Lykkebak wants better copies of videotapes of Nowak in her jail cell, her police interview and transcripts of that interview to help his decision-making. "It is the lynchpin of our preparation," he told Orange Circuit Judge Marc Lubet."

Message From the NASA Administrator - The Passing of Wally Schirra

"Today is a sad day for NASA and our country, as we mourn the passing yesterday in California of astronaut Walter "Wally" Schirra. With Wally's passing, we at NASA note with sorrow the loss of yet another of the pioneers of human spaceflight. As a Mercury astronaut, Wally was a member of the first group of astronauts to be selected, often referred to as the "Original Seven." Wally is remembered in the close circle of the space community as the pilot who flew a "textbook flight" on his Mercury mission in October 1962."

Naughty Astronauts

Lust in Space, Texas Monthly

"The lovesick antics of diapered astronaut Lisa Nowak are some combination of funny and sad but seemingly not revealing of anything larger, until you realize that her tragic, tabloidy breakdown says everything you need to know about NASAs many troubles."

Documents Show Former NASA Astronaut Nowak Exhibited Attitude Problems, AHN

"Former NASA astronaut Lisa Nowak, who became infamous after being charged with assault and attempted kidnapping of a female Navy Cmdr., she believed to be a romantic rival for a fellow astronaut, had behavioral problems, according to documents released Tuesday by the Florida state attorney's office."

Editor's note: Shipman is in the Air Force.



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