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Nowak Saga Update

Astronaut's attorney: She did NOT wear diapers, AP

"An attorney for a former astronaut wanted to set the record straight Friday: Lisa Nowak didn't wear diapers during the 950-mile road trip to confront a romantic rival. "The biggest lie in this preposterous tale that has been told is that my client drove from Houston, Texas, to Orlando, Florida, nonstop, wearing a diaper," Donald Lykkebak said after filing motions to suppress evidence in Nowak's criminal case. "That is an absolute fabrication."

Editor's note: And it took Nowak's lawyer HOW LONG to reveal this information?

Where in the World Is Flat Gorby?, ABC News

"Tim Reynolds, operations manager for one of the astronaut-training facilities at the Johnson Space Center, has Flat Gorby images pinned up in his building. He and his colleagues took a picture with their Flat Gorby and e-mailed it to Williams on the space station. Reynolds understands "Gorbymania." "Gorby is a wild ... terrier with a great personality. Suni loves and misses Gorby just a little less than she misses her husband, Mike, and we know she misses him very much."

Additional photos follow below:

5 things Sunita Williams looks forward to on Earth, Boston Globe

His name is Gorby, and he's a little diplomat - Who wouldn't miss a pet? Suni Williams's Jack Russell terrier is named Gorby, perfect for a master who has spent months with Russian cosmonauts in orbit. Gorby is named after former Soviet leader Mikhail Gorbechev (both dog and namesake share a spot on their head). In a May 17 NASA video conversation, she exclaimed in joy after "seeing'' her earthbound pet. "You guys know I really miss him,'' she told NASA employees, according to a transcript on

[click to enlarge] Reader note: "Hi Keith, Flat Gorby had a great time tagging along with me on a trail run near Minneapolis yesterday - we visited Hyland Lake park in Bloomington, MN. We saw white tail deer, 2 bald eagles, got dive bombed by swallows, watched Canada geese and wood duck families paddle around on ponds, and even got chased by an ornery wild turkey (not kidding). The photo is from the top of a hill where we took a water break and admired the view of the Minneapolis skyline in the distance. Flat Gorby seemed to enjoy himself, although I'm sure he'd rather be running on a beach with Mom. - Blue skies, Kel"

Email from CSA President and CEO Boisvert Regarding Canadian Space Agency's Organization, CSA

"Effective July 7th, the Canadian Astronaut Office is being disbanded. Steve MacLean, as Chief Astronaut for the next year, will coordinate the activities of the Canadian Astronaut Corps and will report directly to Benoit Marcotte, Director General of Operations and Assets. This change will better integrate astronaut programs and activities with other space operations such as the International Space Station."

Getting Carried Away

One Small Step, The New Yorker

"Excerpts from the log of the Russian cosmonaut Fyodor Yurchikhin: April 16--Suni Williams competed in the Boston Marathon on our treadmill. Although she did not win, she said that she enjoyed the "fresh air" and "being outside." NASA is very pleased with us for finally doing something that people on Earth aren't horrified by.

April 19--Today, Suni used the StairMaster to begin climbing Mt. Everest ...."

Editor's note: If you look closely at this recent ISS photo you will see Gorby in a cowboy hat in the upper left hand corner and a Christmas stocking filled with Gorby and his friends to the right of Suni Williams' face.

Flat Gorby Sighting in Glasgow, NASA Edge - "Photo: Flat Gorby near a simulated planetary landscape located in the Electrical Engineering Department at the University of Strathclyde."

Update: It appears Flat Gorby was a judge for a robotics challenge. He looked pretty excited to be a part of the whole experience. Enjoy. [video]



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