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Apollo, Challenger, Columbia: Thinking Back - Looking Ahead, New Moon Rising

"At the end of the event, Rona Ramon, Ilan's widow, spoke last. Steeling her emotions with grace and clarity, she spoke elegantly and briefly. She thanked all for coming. And then she talked of her husband, and the flight of the lost shuttle. "Our mission in space is not over, "she told the hushed audience. "He was the first Israeli in space that means there will be more."

Israel to NASA: Ready to provide first astronaut since Columbia disaster,

"Israel would like to send another astronaut to participate in an expedition by the U.S. National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA), Benny Elon, chairman of the Knesset Science and Technology Committee, told members of a NASA delegation visiting Israel."

Editor's note: Of course, the answer to Israel should be an emphatic "yes".

Hawleys Departing NASA?

Editor's note: Word has it that Steve Halwey and Eileen Hawley will be leaving NASA soon. NASA sources report that Steve Hawley has accepted a position at the University of Kansas.

NASA Johnson Space Center Astronaut and Flight Surgeon Survey Report

"In response to findings of both the internal JSC review and NASA Astronaut Health Care Committee, JSC decided to gather additional data. JSC collected information directly from astronauts and flight surgeons through an anonymous survey, to understand if changes in current policies or procedures are needed."

21st-century pioneer, USA Weekend

"Leroy Chiao's preoccupation with the heavens has led to his becoming a leading member of two of the most elite and exclusive groups on Earth: NASA astronauts and, now, one of many pioneers in the frontier of commercial space flight. If he has his way, flying to the moon will be as common for our kids as hopping a flight to Grandma's."



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