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Space station struggles with balky toilet, MSNBC

Service Module Life Support Systems, Book 1, Mission Operations Directorate, 1 October 2000 (PDF)

Schematic of toilet system

NASA ISS On-Orbit Status 27 May 2008

"ASU Update: Troubleshooting continues on the Russian ASU toilet facility. Almost all system components have been changed out at this time, including the separator with no improvement in function. Specialists feel the problem is with the separator pump, though they have never before seen this failure signature. New procedures for temporary manual operation of the pump are in work, and the crew is using a backup system of wring collectors which are functioning nominally. Since they are a consumable, 1J is being last-minute manifested with additional wring collectors and a new ASU separator pump (KSC ground unit)."

'Drink Up Fly Dry!' $5 million in-flight bladder relief for combat pilots, DVICE

"Pop quiz: During a mission several hours long, how do fighter pilots find relief? The unfortunate answer: "piddle packs." That's why the Advanced Mission Extender Device, or AMXD, is arriving to sighs of relief for more than just the comfort it provides."

Ron Parise

Ronald A. Parise; Astronomer Studied From Space Shuttles, Washington Post

Astronaut-astronomer Ron Parise, 56, dies,

"An astronomer-turned-astronaut, who flew as a payload specialist onboard NASA's two shuttle missions dedicated to astronomy, Ron Parise, 56, died Friday of a brain tumor after fighting the cancer for three years.

Parise's path to space came as a result of his work at the Computer Science Corporation (CSC), where he helped develop the flight software, electronic system design and mission plan for the Ultraviolet Imaging Telescope, one of the instruments for NASA's ASTRO payload. In 1984, he was selected by NASA as a payload specialist to fly with the UIT on the STS-61E mission, scheduled for launch in March 1986."



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