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Mmm Good Space Food

Top 10 Worst Space Foods, Discovery

"Discovery Space previously featured some of the best foods ever gobbled up in space. Yet it left readers asking: What are the worst space foods? If anyone would know, it's Vickie Kloeris -- NASA's Johnson Space Center space food manager who has been whipping up zero-gravity recipes for 23 years. Below are her most notorious space menu picks, some so bad that they never flew at all ..."

Editor's note: One time when I was on Devon Island I ate some left over astronaut food that had been part of some experiment. The "Chilean Sea Bass" was simply awful and tasted like it had been scooped out of the "Bass-o-matic" that was once featured on Saturday Night Live in the 70's.

Top 16 Canadian Space Agency Astronaut Candidates Introduced

"Today, Canadian Space Agency (CSA) President Steve MacLean introduced the Top 16 candidates who are participating in the Agency's National Astronaut Recruitment Campaign. This announcement provides insight into the process of selecting the next two members of Canada's Astronaut Corps. This group was selected from over 5351 online and screened applicants to the National Astronaut Recruitment Campaign, which was launched in May 2008. Over the last several months, the CSA has interviewed candidates and put them through a series of medical exams as well as physical and skills tests in what were sometimes extreme conditions. They have also been tested for their creativity, teamwork skills and physical fitness to determine their ability to meet the demands of astronaut training and space flight."

Editor's note: Special congratulations to my Devon Island colleague Matt Bamsey!



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