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NASA Selects New Astronauts for Future Space Exploration

"After reviewing more than 3500 applications, NASA has selected nine men and women for the 2009 astronaut candidate class. They will begin training at NASA's Johnson Space Center, Houston, in August. "This is a very talented and diverse group we've selected," said Bill Gerstenmaier, NASA associate administrator for Space Operations. "They will join our current astronauts and play very important roles for NASA in the future. In addition to flying in space, astronauts participate in every aspect of human spaceflight, sharing their expertise with engineers and managers across the country. We look forward to working with them as we transcend from the shuttle to our future exploration of space, and continue the important engineering and scientific discoveries aboard the International Space Station."

NASA Hosts Welsh Trade Mission June 23, NASA LaRC

"Former astronaut Scott Horowitz will introduce Welsh business and business development representatives to various NASA technologies during a visit of approximately 50 members of the International Business Wales (IBW) group to NASA's Langley Research Center on Tuesday, June 23. Horowitz, an IBW partner, will escort the Welsh delegation as they participate in a series of briefings about NASA Langley partnership, procurement, and current research and development opportunities. The visitors will also explore wind tunnels, structural test facilities and exploration hardware at Langley."

Wales Seeks Business at NASA Langley

"It began about six months ago.Fraser contacted with Scott Horowitz, a former NASA astronaut and now an agency contractor and Welsh consultant. There were Welsh companies doing business with aerospace and defense firms. How could that happen more frequently in the U.S.? "I thought about NASA headquarters," Horowitz said, "and realized that wasn't the answer. And then I thought about Langley. It's close by (Washington). NASA has 10 agencies. Langley is sort of a conglomerate of what they do across NASA."

Rapping Buzz

The Man on the Moon, NY Times

"What sort of music do you like? - I just did a rap session with Snoop Dogg and a rap composition called "Rocket Experience." It's going to be an online video. The Web site is

Do you actually sing on the video? - I relate. It's not singing, it's rapping."

A note from Mary Elizabeth Sisk on behalf of U.S. Army Accessions Command: "As you may know, space shuttle Endeavour is scheduled to launch on June 13, 2009. On board, U.S. Army Astronaut Colonel Timothy Kopra will travel to the International Space Station for his first mission, scheduled to join Expedition 20 as flight engineer after launching to the ISS with the STS-127 crew. Throughout his mission, Col. Kopra will be sharing his story about what it's like to be a U.S. Army Soldier aboard the ISS. I'd like to share the opportunity for you and your readers to send questions to Col. Kopra at You'll be able to submit questions starting today, leading up to the Endeavour launch and throughout the Expedition 20 mission, and Col. Kopra will be answering submitted questions from space throughout his stay at the ISS. As part of the U.S. Army's NASA detachment, Col. Kopra is currently one of four active duty Soldier astronauts. Facebook users can become a "fan" or learn more about the U.S. Army Astronauts here:"

NASA Develops Rehydration Beverage

"To help keep astronauts at peak performance during missions, NASA researched, qualified and patented a highly effective electrolyte concentrate formula that maintains and restores optimal body hydration levels quickly and conveniently. Developed as a remedy for dehydration, it helps prevent the loss of body fluids during heavy exercise, heat exposure and illness. It also can be used to treat and prevent dehydration caused by altitude sickness and jetlag."



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