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Ex-astronaut pleads guilty in attack on rival, AP

"A former astronaut charged with confronting a romantic rival in an airport parking lot has pleaded guilty to felony burglary of a car and misdemeanor battery."

Keith's note: Judge: "I am sentencing you to I year supervised probabtion - this can be transferred to Texas ... 50 hours community service ... You are to have no contact of any sort - and I mean any sort - with Colleen Shipman ... You are to send a sincere letter of apology to Ms. Shipman to be delivered within 10 days ... You brought this upon yourself. I do not have any sympathy with you in that respect ... I also want you to do an 8 hour anger management class. You are to have no contact whatsoever with Mr. Oefelin either. No books, no messages, no poems ..."

Plea deal offered in astronaut love triangle case

"A plea deal has been offered in the case of a former astronaut accused of being involved in a well-publicized, violent love triangle, prosecutors said. The former astronaut, Lisa Nowak, is scheduled to be in a Florida courtroom Tuesday to see whether she will accept the deal, said Randy Means, executive director of the Orange County State Attorney's Office."

Ex-astronaut's lawyers to discuss plea deal, AP

"An appeals court ruled last year that diapers, latex gloves and other items found in Nowak's car can be used as evidence but her six-hour police interview after her arrest cannot."

Keith's note: I see that Lisa Nowak is still listed as a NASA employee in NASA's new NED directory. Then again, Bill Oefelein is still listed - as are Buzz and Lois Aldrin, Mike and Rebecca Griffin, Jim Lovell, etc.



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