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"It has been our wish from the beginning, to avoid public discussion of our efforts to try to protect our father and his reputation from the debilitating effects of his worsening condition. We sought confidentiality through a motion with the court which held both parties responsible for maintaining confidentiality pending a formal judgement on the motion.

Legal counsel representing our father chose to defy the motion and make this effort part of a public spectacle designed to stir undue sympathy and support for the ridiculous lawsuit that they have brought on Dad's behalf.

We have refrained from discussing the lawsuit publicly other than to debunk specific aspects of it that could hinder the ongoing operation of the Foundation. The time has come to recognize where the elder exploitation is truly occurring and address the flawed foundation of the lawsuit.

Let it be clear that every one of these allegations are products of the increased confusion and memory loss that Dad has demonstrated in recent years. Every one of them can be easily refuted by witnesses, bank and corporate records and, if necessary, we will prove this in court. But the responsibility for this outrageous lawsuit rests with those would seek to leverage his condition for their own agenda.

Although Dad's current handlers want to spin this as "Buzz vs Family," that could not be farther from the truth. We will not attack our father on any basis, for any reason. We are committed to protecting him, his reputation and his legacy. Our work together on this foundation is testament to that. We will not allow opportunistic agents who see an opportunity to grab the spotlight break our family apart.

We dearly love and respect our father and want him to return to us so we can continue our mission together to advance his dreams and legacy within the space program today, and with generations of explorers to come."

Media Contact: Griffin Communications Group, or"

"Matt Murray, Editor-in-Chief - Gretchen Morgenson, Senior Special Writer, Investigations

Re: Buzz Aldrin

Our firm represents Andrew Aldrin and Jan Aldrin. Your recent article, "Buzz Aldrin Fights Family for Control of His Space Legacy," was riddled with inaccurate and unverified claims which, given the usual high standard of Wall Street Journal reporting, warrant substantial correction on the record. That the subject's name was given incorrectly in a corresponding caption (Edward "Buzz" Aldrin v. Edwin "Buzz" Aldrin), is an early indication of the general carelessness with which the article presents multiple inaccurate and false claims made by Col. Aldrin's handlers, many of them corrected herein. Additionally, our clients were not provided with any reasonable opportunity to specifically respond to the many false allegations made against them in this article.

1. First, it is germane to the overall discussion to recognize that public disclosure and discussion of court proceedings to determine competency is against the wishes of the Aldrin family. The family has specifically requested full confidentiality in the interest of their father. This request is currently under consideration by the court.

2. The Buzz Aldrin Space Foundation was established in his name and created specifically to support new activities beyond the primary education focus on the Share Space Foundation. The foundation has sponsored several workshops on Mars habitation and numerous articles on Mars transportation concept. Col. Aldrin participated in many of these activities.

3. The management and distribution of funds has always been completely controlled by business management company Callas & Carlson, who oversees distribution of set salaries and expenses according to strict criteria. Neither Andy Aldrin nor Christina Korp have had the ability to pay or reimburse themselves in any way.

4. Andy has never used his father's personal credit card. Those who have served as his executive assistants were on his card to pay his expenses, but never used for personal use - a fact that can be easily confirmed. Christina was taken off of Buzz's account by Lisa LaBonte, recently, who changed the billing address to her business address in Virginia."

"After the article in the Wall Street Journal yesterday, I must respond. I have tried to stay out of the fray so as not to create any mixed signals while the Aldrin family and I try to protect and maintain Buzz Aldrin's reputation, legacy and ability to sustain himself in the future in this difficult situation. However, I cannot stand by while there are unwarranted personal attacks on my integrity, honesty, professionalism and character. I am being unfairly defamed by the managers of the newly formed Buzz Aldrin Ventures and its legal counsel. I encourage those that know me to research the background of these individuals. I also encourage media to be careful what they write and make sure the facts are correct. There are too many inaccuracies in the public arena at the moment to respond on an individual basis. Please know that I am devastated by these lies and shocked that reputable publications like the Journal would run a story like the one just published without fairly seeking both sides of the story. With legal action now pending, I hope you understand my need to be cautious. This same level of caution is not being followed by the people currently surrounding Buzz who are sharing misinformation and unfounded accusations about me and the Aldrin family. I intend to continue to take the professional route.

Unfortunately, almost a year ago, some people began to exert undue influence on Buzz. These individuals began to actively try to drive a wedge between Buzz and his children, and me, for what I fear is their own benefit. As many people have noted, there is a different tone with Buzz's Twitter account due to these individuals taking over control of that account. New companies were very recently started by this new team, under the guise of benefitting Buzz.

Keith's note: The following statement was received by NASA Watch from the Aldrin family:

"We are deeply disappointed and saddened by the unjustified lawsuit that has been brought against us individually and against the Foundation that we have built together as a family to carry on Dad's legacy for generations to come. When we established the current structure several years ago, it was done so at Buzz's request and with his full support. If nothing else, our family is resilient and our ability to work together to solve problems and accomplish great things is strong. We love and respect our father very much and remain hopeful that we can rise above this situation and recover the strong relationship that built this foundation in the first place.

We will not be commenting further on the lawsuit and ask your understanding and respect for our family privacy at this extremely difficult time."

--- Andy Aldrin and Jan Aldrin"



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