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Letter From USRA President David Black Regarding Senate Amendment on NASA FY 2007 Budget

"As a result of these unforeseen expenses, NASA was forced to dramatically reduce long-planned funding to science, aeronautics, and exploration programs. Though the Agency has worked earnestly to mitigate the budgetary impact to other NASA programs of returning the shuttle to flight, the costs have been greater than the Agency can absorb. In some areas, the cuts have been so drastic that the continued existence of the associated research communities is threatened."

GAO: NASA's James Webb Space Telescope Still Faces "Considerable Challenges", House Science Committee, Democratic Membership

GAO: NASA's James Webb Space Telescope Still Faces "Considerable Challenges"

"Although the JWST program recently revised its acquisition strategy to conform to NASAs acquisition policies, the program still faces considerable challenges because it has not fully implemented a knowledge-based approach, which our past work has shown is often a key factor in program success."

American Astronomical Society Supports Senators' Efforts to Secure Emergency Appropriations for NASA

"The AAS commends Senators Mikulski and Hutchison for their leadership in proposing an emergency supplement to NASA's FY07 appropriations that will help to compensate for the unexpected expenses associated with the Shuttle Columbia accident and damage to NASA facilities caused by Hurricane Katrina. This emergency funding request will alleviate severe cuts to NASA's space science program that are being taken to fully fund the Space Shuttle and the ISS -- costs for which there was never an adequate budget."



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