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In a time of change and uncertainty, it is essential that we maintain open and honest communications. You, the NASA team, need the straight story about where your agency is headed. And it's my job as NASA Administrator to keep you informed on a regular basis. This is the first in a series of occasional messages from me on issues facing NASA.

Today, the President is releasing the Administration's budget for fiscal year 1997, and we will be holding a budget press conference. The White House will ask for about $13.8 billion for NASA in fiscal 1997--a stable funding level compared with the current year. However, this budget also includes tentative projections for the out-years that are significantly lower than previous expectations. Most other departments and agencies also have been given similar reductions, and it is clear that these projections are not yet set in stone. As NASA Administrator, I have decided not to act on these potential out-year cuts until the long-range federal budget situation has been clarified. We will take no precipitous actions, and will continue to work closely with the Administration as it further defines NASA's funding after fiscal 1997.

Dated: March 6, 1996
TO: Officials-in-Charge of Headquarters Offices
FROM: A/Administrator
SUBJECT: Space Station Budget

In order to enhance the integrated management of the Space Station program, the Space Station Program Office, reporting through the Johnson Space Center to the Associate Administrator for Space Flight, will maintain total oversight for the content of the annual $2.1B budget. The Program Manager is now responsible for the cost, schedule, and technical performance of the total program, including the science, aeronautics, and technology (SA&T) implementation. The research and user community will respond to the direction of the Program Manager to ensure the utilization priorities and requirements are consistent with the overall Space Station objectives. The cognizant Centers and organizational entities will continue to be responsible for the day-to-day execution of their respective program elements. All financial management and appropriation principles must be maintained.

Please give your full support to this critical program.

Daniel Goldin



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