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Does Rearranging Appropriations Panels Make Any Sense?, Roll Call (new link from Center for American Progress)

"Anticipating the problem he will likely face - that is, repeatedly trying to overcome support for veterans in order to direct more money to the space center - DeLay put forth a proposal to realign subcommittee jurisdictions. His timing was perfect. He floated the proposal only weeks before the Republican Steering Committee - a group in which DeLay controls considerably more votes than his own - was to select a new chairman of the full Appropriations Committee."

NASA Announces Financial Management Contract Identification

"NASA has implemented a $48 million contract modification with Science Applications International Corporation (SAIC) of San Diego. It broadens SAIC responsibility to provide integrated financial management support under the "Unified NASA Information Technology Services (UNITeS)" contract."

Tight Budgets Ahead

Bush's Budget Expected to Be Aggressive, Washington Post

"The National Science Foundation will be virtually frozen, and the substantial budget increases over the past decade for the National Institutes of Health will end, Appropriations Committee aides said."

Budget Drop Date

Editor's note: According to Congresional sources, the State of the Union Speech will be on 2 February and the FY 2006 Budget will be released on 7 February. A NASA briefing should occur on/around 7 February. Other sources suggest that a 25 January State of the Union date is still in play with a possible budget drop on 4 February. Stay Tuned.



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