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Editor's note: A NASA Watch reader has submitted a rough design for a new NASA logo - one that presents current budget cuts at the agency.

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House Science Committee Hearing: NASA's Fiscal Year 2006 Budget Proposal

"Witness: The Honorable Fred Gregory, Acting Administrator, National Aeronautics and Space Administration."

Editor's note:Since this hearing is after Sean O'Keefe will have said his goodbyes, Fred Gregory is the Acting Administrator by virtue of his current position as Deputy. Gregory will continue to act in that capacity even after a nominee is announced. Given the pace of scheduling confirmation hearings, he will likely be in this position for a number of weeks - perhaps longer. As such, there is really not too much to read into the title of "Acting" Administrator. A name could be announced in days - or weeks - and yet Gregory would still serve in this capacity.

To Close or Not to Close

New NASA budget plan to study closures, Florida Today

"While Kennedy Space Center is not in danger, the agency also says it will start this year to study whether any of its 10 field centers could be closed down to save money."

NASA centers set to vie for work, Huntsville Times

"O'Keefe said the new work competition program does not mean there is a task force within NASA looking to shut down field centers. "Nothing I have seen suggests any individual (field centers) would be discontinued or closed," O'Keefe said."

Editor's note: Either NASA is - or is not looking - to study whether field centers should be closed. Both stories can't be correct - unless NASA itself is not certain.

Science Committee Democrats: Failure to Effectively Fund - Science and Technology Harms U.S. Competitive Edge

"NASA: NASA's budget would increase relative to FY2005, but the Administration is seeking $546 million less than it said would be necessary for its programs in FY2006. In fact, the Administration is cutting last year's budgetary plan for NASA through FY 2009 by a total of more than $1.7 billion. Funding for servicing the highly productive Hubble Space Telescope is eliminated. Funding for aeronautics R&D is cut again and will continue to decline throughout the remainder of the decade."

House Science Committee Chair Boehlert Comments on R&D Budget

"As for NASA, the budget appears to be reasonable and balanced overall. But we must review the details of the budget and also think carefully about how NASA should fare relative to other science agencies. Concerning the Hubble Space Telescope, I am still thinking through the testimony we received last week. As I said then, I would love to save the Hubble, but the decision needs to be made in the context of the overall NASA budget."

- NASA Gets Increased Funding to Explore the Moon, Mars, Washington Post
- Wanted the Moon, Got a Little Less, NY Times
- NASA Langley to cut 1,000 jobs, Daily Press
- NASA Eliminating 700 Jobs In Cleveland, AP
- NASA Budget to Bring Down 'Dying' Hubble Telescope, Reuters
- Budget Hike Not Enough to Save Hubble, AP
- Proposed NASA budget would keep projects moving forward, Orlando Sentinel

- FY 2006 Budget Information (OMB)
- FY 2006 Budget Information (NASA)
- Detailed FY 2006 NASA Budget Information (OMB)
- White House FY 2006 Budget Overview: Budget Overview: National Science Foundation and Space Exploration (OMB)

The President is requesting a FY 2006 NASA budget of $16,456 million, an increase of 2.4% over the amount requested for FY 2005. See table with budget comparisions, and out year projections (below) for additional detail.

Cramer could lose NASA voice, Huntsville Times

""Clearly some people will lose clout when they do this. There is no way around that when you're talking about slashing the number of subcommittees," Cowing said. "Who will (lose clout) remains to be seen." Cowing predicted the funding process will change if NASA is lumped together with similar science-type agencies. "They'll have to show some results and actually answer questions to knowledgeable people then," he said, "instead of relying on emotion to carry the day when it comes to a budget and accountability."

Editor's note:To clarify: if budget deliberations for NASA are lumped in together with those for DOE, NSF, NIST etc. then the arguments of relative merit for tax dollars will now be conducted on an 'apples to apples' basis - one wherein similar metrics are used. Indeed, one would expect that these metrics would be much more logical and less emotional - as opposed to the total mismatch that currently drives discussions wherein space exploration is pitted against Veteran's benefits and other unrelated items. This new committee structure may not necessarily be beneficial to NASA - only time will tell.

Budget Preview

Editor's note: The FY 2006 NASA budget to be released on Monday contains some bad news for Earth Science and Aeronautics programs which will face severe cuts. Field Centers - especially LaRC - will also be hit hard. In addition, JIMO's funding will be delayed - effectively killing the mission, however, Project Prometheus will continue to develop nuclear systems for in-space power production.



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