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Democrats block defense bill with Alaska drilling

"The defense bill also includes funding for Hurricane Katrina reconstruction, the potential bird flu pandemic and a program that helps poor families pay winter heating bills."

House approves $29 billion Katrina aid plan, Reuters

"The fate of the legislation is uncertain in the Senate, however, because of opposition from many senators to unrelated provisions of the bill."

Highlights of FY06 Defense Appropriations Bill

"NASA - $350 million is provided, $25 million above the request, to repair and rehabilitate damaged NASA facilities and equipment."

Transcript: Hearing on Status of NASA's Programs, House Science Committee, 3 November 2005

"CHAIRMAN BOEHLERT: Let me ask you this. The White House has asked for $325 million for NASA to help pay for the Katrina-related costs at Stennis and Michoud. That's not nearly enough. That is about half of what you really need. Where is the additional money going to come from?

ADMINISTRATOR GRIFFIN: As you know, in our last operating plan, we had requested $760 million, which was our best assessment of the damage that we had."

Letter from the House of Representatives to President Bush Regarding NASA's FY 2007 Budget

"Last year, this same issue was a hard-fought priority and veto fight on your part. NASA now has clear support in Congress and in 2006, regardless of OMB's actions, the House and Senate are prepared to fight for the Vision. However, OMB's plan will fly in the face of both House and Senate versions of pending NASA Authorization legislation currently in conference, which will fully fund the Shuttle and the entire Exploration Vision. OMB is on a course to take defeat from the jaws of victory by completely contradicting your own stated priorities and what will almost certainly become the law of the land in the authorization bill."

Last Minute Budget Plea

Editor's note: Word has it that Mike Griffin and his entourage left JSC last night to fly back to Washington, DC. He did this so he could meet with White House staff on NASA's reclama to the FY 2007 budget that NASA is apparently going to get.Griffin reportedly made a last minute pitch to get a 9% budget increase instead of the 4% OMB gave him last week when it sent the FY 2007 budget passback to NASA. Stay tuned.

FY 2007 Budget Preview

"FY 2006 16,456.3 - FY 2007 17,897.7 - Delta 8.8%"

More Insight Into NASA's FY 2007 Budget

Budget Update

NASA budget worries lawmakers, Houston Chronicle

"NASA administrator Michael Griffin has estimated the shortfall in shuttle operations at $3 billion to $5 billion through 2010, when launches are scheduled to stop. Congressional overseers believe it may be as high as $6 billion."

Letter from NASA Administrator Griffin to OMB Director Bolten Regarding NASA FY 2007 Budget Submission

Letter from NASA Administrator Griffin to OMB Director Bolten Regarding NASA FY 2007 Budget Submission

"Two Months ago, I submitted the FY 2007 budget request for the National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA) that was over-guide for the Space Shuttle and Space Station programs. Since then, NASA has worked closely with your staff and others in the Executive Office of the President to address various policy and program options in order to keep NASA's overall budget within current budget guidelines while ensuring that the Agency address the goals and priorities set forth by the President's Vision for Space Exploration."

Earlier NASA Watch Budget stories

Editor's note: NASA is expecting to get the 'passback' of its FY 2007 budget submission back from OMB any day now. Traditionally, NASA sends the budget over to OMB sooner - usually in October/early November - such that the 'passback' happens just before Thanksgiving. Traditionally, someone at NASA is pouring over budget charts while their turkey gets cold. This year things were delayed by a few weeks. All of this stuff is hush hush, ultra-secret, embargoed, etc. What follows is a preview of what NASA might expect - given what it asked for in FY 2006 - and now, for FY 2007.

Update: The source of this information is one page within the handout version of charts shown by NASA CFO Gwen Sykes at last week's NAC meeting. Curiously, while the budget chart was in the hardcopy I picked up off of the table outside the meeting room, she never showed this one particular chart during her presentation. I wonder why.



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