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An Urgent Personal Letter from Rep. John Culberson to American Scientists and Engineers Regarding NASA's FY 07 Budget

"Although the NASA budget proposed for Fiscal Year 2007 robustly funds our manned space program, and we need to be thankful for this, unfortunately, the 2007 budget also devastates NASA's scientific research and many important space science missions. The NASA 2007 budget cannibalizes $3 billion of NASA'S scientific research and cancels missions like the Terrestrial Planet Finder (TPF), cuts the Astrobiology research program by 50% and cancels the long planned mission to Europa, which the National Academy of Sciences' Decadal Survey identified as the single highest priority mission to the outer planets. I personally made sure Congress enacted legislation last year directing NASA to start the Europa mission this year, but NASA ignored this specific Congressional directive and cancelled the Europa mission."

Views and Estimates - House Science Committee FY 2007 (NASA Excerpt)

"Restoring funding for the Shuttle and Station accounts has come at the cost of slowed growth in NASA's other program areas. The Exploration Systems Mission Directorate, which oversees the Vision for Space Exploration, will receive $2 billion less through 2010, and NASA has replaced significant projected growth in the FY06 request for the Science Directorate with annual growth of 1.5 percent in FY 07 and 1 percent thereafter, less than the projected rate of inflation."



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