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AIP FYI #86: House Appropriators Complete FY 2007 NASA Funding Bill

SIZE OF NASA'S WORKFORCE: "With respect to the agency's workforce, the Committee is concerned with the budgetary impact of maintaining employment levels in excess of what is needed to accomplish NASA's mission. The Committee expects NASA to undertake the necessary workforce planning to correct what NASA refers to as 'uncovered capacity'. The Committee supports NASA's efforts to develop and maintain a world-class workforce."

House to Vote on Mars Mission Funding, AP

"Critics in the House are taking aim at $700 million that President Bush wants to spend next year toward sending man back to the moon and eventually on to Mars. A comparable effort last year to cut money for the moon-Mars mission lost on a 230-196 vote."

Editor's note: The House is expected to resume action on H.R. 5672 which contains the current House version of NASA's FY 2007 budget.

Budget Update

House Report 109-520 - To accompany H.R. 5672 - NASA, House Appropriations Committee

"The recommendation includes funds to support NASA's new vision and mission for space exploration, while supporting requested funds for the continued operation of the Space Shuttle. The Committee is very concerned about the need to maintain the nation's leadership in science and technology. To this end, the Committee has provided additional funding above the request for aeronautics research and science programs. The recommendation makes modest changes to NASA's request to achieve a balance between exploration and NASA's other core mission programs."

Planetary Society: Congress Committee Hears Your S.O.S.!

"The Planetary Society's Save Our Science campaign has made a huge impact in Washington, D.C. We -- all of us -- made a difference. The petitions you signed, the newspaper ads and the congressional presentation you helped fund, and your tremendous support have been all important in influencing a favorable consideration by the House of Representatives Appropriations Committee."

2007 NASA BUDGET: Space Scientists Score a Modest Victory in House Spending Bill, Science

"After months of fretting, arguing, and lobbying, earth and space scientists got some good news last week. The House panel that funds NASA proposed adding $75 million--mostly for research grants--to the agency's science programs next year. That is less than half of what the National Research Council (NRC) urged in a May report, but it demonstrates that researchers have the political muscle to battle the Administration's campaign to replace the space shuttle and return humans to the moon at the expense of several scientific projects."

NASA Cutbacks Cause Uncertainty Among Space Researchers, Science Careers

"NASA's space science program is at risk, according to a recent report from a National Research Council (NRC) panel. The panel, which was tasked with assessing the impact of the proposed FY 2007 NASA budget, concluded that the budget provides the agency with insufficient funds to allow it to meet all of its mandates while remaining strong in science. "NASA is being asked to accomplish too much with too little," says the report."

Job Opening at OMB

OMB Opening: Program Examiner - DUTIES: Serves in the branch of OMB that has budget responsibilities for the National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA), the National Science Foundation (NSF), the Smithsonian Institution and other federallysupported museums, small arts and planning agencies, and overall Federal research and development coordination.

Budget Update

Opening Statement of Rep. Frank Wolf - Subcommittee on Science, State, Justice, Commerce and Related Agencies FY 2007 Budget

"For NASA, the bill includes $16.7 billion. This level ensures that the President's vision for space exploration is adequately funded while at the same time restoring a portion of the damaging cuts that were proposed for NASA's aeronautics research and science programs. The bill includes increases of $100 million for aeronautics and $75 million for science."

Senate Commerce Committee's Subscommittee on Science and Space Hearing: NASA Budget and Programs: Outside Perspectives

"The Senate Commerce Committee's Subcommittee on Science and Space will hold a hearing on NASA Budget and Programs: Outside Perspectives on Wednesday, June 7, 2006 at 2:30 p.m. in the Dirksen Building room 562."

Live webcast

Statement by Charles Bolden
Statement by Peter Voorhees
Statement by Roy Torbert

Statement by James Pawelczyk

"The next generations of space life scientists perceive a bitter lesson that is difficult to assuage: as the result of a shell game of agency-wide reorganization, life science is no longer recognized or valued within NASA."

"Musculoskeletal deconditioning remains a paramount concern. In the past two years our ability to differentiate the trabecular bone network in the hip has helped us to appreciate that the risk to bone during spaceflight may be even greater than we previously anticipated. The rate of osteoporosis in astronauts equal patients with spinal cord injury, and exceeds that seen in post-menopausal women by a factor of 10 or more."

Association of American Universities Letter to Rep. Wolf Regarding FY 2007 Funding for NASA Science and Aeronautics

"As president of the Association of American Universities (AAU), representing 60 leading U.S. public and private research universities, I respectfully request that, as you develop the FY07 Science, State, Justice, and Commerce Appropriation Act, you strive to appropriate no less than $5.5 billion and $959 million in federal funding for NASA's science and aeronautics mission directorates respectively."



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