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ISS Science Cut Update

Marshall cuts real or politics? NASA says budget too tight; lawmakers say funds adequate, Huntsville Times

"In 2005, Congress passed a resolution requiring NASA to fund station science. "How can they fly in the face of that?" [Keith] Cowing asked. "If this item is a politically inspired activity for more (money), then it just shows how amateurish NASA is now when it comes to politics," Cowing said. "It's going to blow up in their faces." Cowing said NASA leaders have "virtually erased microgravity research on the station and now it seems they are trying to cut out life-science research."

NASA Excerpt: Senate Report 109-280 Departments of Commerce and Justice, Science and Related Agencies Appropriations Bill 2007

"The Committee is concerned that NASA will neglect areas that only tangentially benefit or do not fit within, the proposed exploration vision. Specifically, the fiscal year 2007 budget request proposes to defer or cancel existing programs and infrastructure that are not directly supportive of the explorative vision. These appear to be the programs sacrificed to provide the near-term budgetary resources necessary to facilitate the implementation of the Moon/Mars vision."

NASA Alumni League Letter Regarding Senate Action on NASA's FY 2007 Budget

"We recommend that Congress request a Comprehensive Long-range NASA Plan for Administration and Congressional consideration reflecting the priorities as outlined. Missions are to be stated and realistic estimates should be provided through mission accomplishment. Collaboration within the U.S. and with international partners must be considered in developing this overall NASA Plan."

Letter From USRA President David Black Regarding Senate Amendment on NASA FY 2007 Budget

"As a result of these unforeseen expenses, NASA was forced to dramatically reduce long-planned funding to science, aeronautics, and exploration programs. Though the Agency has worked earnestly to mitigate the budgetary impact to other NASA programs of returning the shuttle to flight, the costs have been greater than the Agency can absorb. In some areas, the cuts have been so drastic that the continued existence of the associated research communities is threatened."

Senators Hutchison and Mikulski Introduce NASA Funding Amendment

"The amendment provides funds to reimburse NASA for the costs of returning to flight following the Shuttle Columbia disaster and implementation of the Columbia Accident Investigation Board recommendations. The funds will also provide relief for NASA facilities damaged by Hurricane Katrina. Vital research was being cut to fund emergency repairs; this will restore core missions for NASA science."

American Astronomical Society Supports Senators' Efforts to Secure Emergency Appropriations for NASA

"The AAS commends Senators Mikulski and Hutchison for their leadership in proposing an emergency supplement to NASA's FY07 appropriations that will help to compensate for the unexpected expenses associated with the Shuttle Columbia accident and damage to NASA facilities caused by Hurricane Katrina. This emergency funding request will alleviate severe cuts to NASA's space science program that are being taken to fully fund the Space Shuttle and the ISS -- costs for which there was never an adequate budget."

IFPTE Fax Sent to Senate Appropriations Committee Members Regarding NASA's Budget

"IFPTE, NASA's largest labor union, would like to formally solicit your support for the Hutchison-Mikulski Amendment. IFPTE believes that NASA urgently needs this emergency funding to allow the Agency to recover from the Columbia and Katrina disasters without pilfering its Aeronautics, Science, and Technology Development missions."

Email Memo from Senate Appropriations Committee Staff Regarding Mikulski - Hutchison Amendment on NASA FY 2007 Budget

"At the full Committee mark-up on Thursday, Sen. Mikulski and Sen. Hutchison will offer their amendment to pay back NASA for the costs of returning the Space Shuttle to flight. NASA has estimated the return to flight costs at just over $2 billion so far. Sen. Mikulski and Sen. Hutchison are committed to providing the $2 billion but will do so over two years, instead of one year."

Legislative Action Memo From the American Society for Gravitational and Space Biology (ASGSB)

"Remember: Doing nothing will get us nothing."

SETI Institute to Astrobiology Community Regarding NASA Budget Process

"Once again we write you from the SETI Institute to alert you to an important moment in the NASA budget approval process. Your help is needed."



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