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Final Memorandum NASA Educational and Training Grants.

"The purpose of this Memorandum is to notify NASA management of an issue we identified during our current audit of NASA Educational and Training Grants. Specifically, during our audit fieldwork, we identified an occurrence whereby one institution received duplicate funding in the form of grants from two different NASA centers, in violation of NASA requirements."

IFPTE Reponses to Questions for The Record: NASA Workforce Hearing

"IFPTE believes that most employees are pleased to see, once again, a bright, dedicated, and fully technically engaged Administrator at the helm. Unfortunately, despite his many talents, Dr. Griffin cannot turn straw into gold, nor can he make the Vision for Space Exploration a reality with the proposed budget. IFPTE is very grateful for the strong bi-partisan endorsement that NASA received from its Authorizers in their call in the Authorization Act of 2005 for sustained growth in NASA's budget to match the sustained growth in NASA's responsibilities. Unfortunately, neither the President nor House Appropriators seem to have listened."



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