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Bad Budget News Ahead

NASA Associate Administrators Discuss Budget Details

NASA Announces FY 08 Budget Press Conference

"NASA Administrator Michael Griffin briefs the media about the agency's Fiscal Year 2008 budget at 1 p.m. EST, Monday, Feb. 5. The press briefing is in NASA's main auditorium located at 300 E Street S.W. in Washington."

Democrats File Joint Funding Resolution for FY 2007

(NASA Excerpts) H. J. RES. 20 Making further continuing appropriations for the fiscal year 2007, and for other purposes

''SEC. 20915. Notwithstanding section 101, the level for the following accounts of the National Aeronautics and Space Administration shall be as follows: 'Science, Aeronautics and Exploration', $10,075,000,000, of which $5,251,200,000 shall be for science, $890,400,000 shall be for aeronautics research, $3,401,600,000 shall be for exploration systems, and $531,800,000 shall be for cross- agency support programs; 'Exploration Capabilities', $6,140,000,000; and 'Office of Inspector General', $32,000,000.

''SEC. 20939. Notwithstanding section 101, or any other provision of law, no funds shall be used to implement any Reduction in Force or other involuntary separations (except for cause) by the National Aeronautics and Space Administration prior to September 30, 2007.

Weldon: Democrat Leadership Raids NASA Budget

"The raid on NASA's budget has begun in earnest. The cuts announced today by House Democrat leaders, if approved by Congress, would be nearly $400 million less than NASA's current budget," said Weldon."

AIP FYI #8: Upcoming Deadline: Senate Letter on Full Funding of NSF Request

"We are writing to request that you uphold the Senate Commerce, Justice, Science and Related agencies subcommittee request of $5.99 billion for the National Science Foundation (NSF) as you complete work on the fiscal year 2007 continuing resolution. This funding is essential because keeping the NSF at its 2006 level under the continuing resolution will jeopardize valuable research that fosters American competitiveness and innovation."

Letter from Members of the House to House Appropriators Regarding NSF FY 2007 Budget issues

"Thank you very much for your leadership in increasing federal funding for basic science research. As supporters of scientific research and education, we respectfully ask that you single out the National Science Foundation (NSF) as a priority in your fiscal year 2007 Continuing Resolution appropriations legislation. Specifically, we request that you fund NSF at the House-passed, President's requested level of $6.02 billion in fiscal year 2007. This is essential, because the flat funding for this agency under the Continuing Resolution will directly inhibit our national competitiveness and jeopardize American innovation."

Editor's note: So ... when can we expect a similar letter of support for NASA's space, aeronautics, and science programs - one organized by the Coalition for Space Exploration and all of those high-paid aerospace lobbyists?

American Competitiveness Initiative: No Room for NASA, earlier post

President Discusses American Competitiveness Initiative, White House

"We saw three really wonderful teachers, people who are dedicated to their profession, who deeply care about the students they teach. And for all of you here who are teaches, thanks for carrying on a really noble profession. We saw two scientists who are here from NASA."

Budget Cuts Loom

Budget crunch may dim vision for NASA, Houston Chronicle

"Hutchison said her biggest concern is that Griffin will have to slash scientific research to keep the agency on course to complete construction of the international space station, retire the shuttle fleet and develop new spacecraft to return to the moon. "The core focus, I think, is correct," Hutchison said. "The (new spacecraft), getting that up and running, and the shuttle, getting the space station finished so that we can retire the shuttles. That is the right priority because it's a safety issue for the astronauts. "But when we have this cut, he's got to find the places that are on the margins, and I fear he's going to be looking at things like scientific research."

Budget bungle costs NASA half a billion dollars, New Scientist

"According to NASAwatch.com, Doug McCuistion, head of NASA's Mars programme, said this week that his project's reserves will dip from 5% to 2% because of the budget difficulties. They have also had to do some budget shuffling to avoid mission delays he says, in particular keeping the 2011 Mars Scout on schedule."

Griffin Says NASA Will Protect CEV, Station Against Flat-Budget Squeeze, Aviation Now

"We will find what we believe are the lowest priority half-billion dollars in content, and we'll extract it, across the agency," he says, stressing that does not mean programs at the core of the redirected U.S. space program as defined by President Bush almost three years ago. "I will do everything I can to keep Orion and Ares I on schedule," he says. "That will be right behind keeping shuttle and station on track, and then after that we'll fill up the bucket with our other priorities."

IFPTE Calls for Balanced and Transparent NASA Budget Preserving Science & Aero, Core Technical Capabilities Achievable Within FY06 baseline

IFPTE Letter To House and Senate Democratic Appropriators Regarding NASA FY 2007 Budget

"The Vision for Space Exploration is deeply embedded in the American psyche and cannot be dismissed as a mere political ploy or passing fancy. Administrator Griffin has performed a masterful job of moving this Vision towards reality and deserves high praise for the successes thus far in the Return-to-Flight of the Shuttle and in the Preparation-for- Flight of the new Exploration Vehicles. Although the budgets, schedule, and contracts of the Vision will need to be carefully scrutinized as we move into FY08, Dr. Griffin and NASA have earned the small budgetary increase needed in FY07 to keep the Constellation program moving forward at a reasonable pace and thus to minimize the gap between Shuttle retirement and the first manned launch of NASA's next space vehicle."

NASA workers fight layoffs, seek spaceship aid, Government Executive

"In terms of layoffs, Mikulski said, "I do not want any RIFs [reductions in force] at NASA this year or any other year." NASA officials declined to comment on the budget until it is signed into law. NASA headquarters spokesman David Steitz said, "Regardless of budget deliberations, RIFs are not anticipated."



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