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NASA OIG Final Memorandum on Audit of NASA's Compliance with Federal Internal Control Reporting Requirements

"We found that NASA's process for complying with Federal internal control requirements was not adequate in FY 2006. While the FY 2007 process will see progress (e.g., additional guidance to be issued), additional improvements are needed. NASA's internal control reporting process was, and continues to be, developed without a well-defined and structured approach. We found that NASA's FY 2006 guidance, as well as the guidance being drafted for FY 2007, were incomplete or lacked sufficient clarification and were not distributed in a timely manner."

Following The Pork

NASA OIG Audit of NASA's Management and Funding of Fiscal Year 2006 Congressional Earmarks

"NASA's FY 2006 budget of $1 6.6 billion included 199 earmarks with congressionally directed finding of $568.2 million' or 3.4 percent of the Agency's budget. The total cost of the 199 FY 2006 earmarks was $576.2 million, which included the $568.2 million in congressionally directed funding plus $8 million in Agency oversight and administration costs."

Business Modernization: NASA Must Consider Agencywide Needs to Reap the Full Benefits of Its Enterprise Management System Modernization Effort, GAO

"Since GAO last reported on NASA's IEMP efforts, NASA implemented its IEMP contract management module and upgraded the software used for its core financial module. NASA has also taken steps to improve its processes for managing IEMP--including implementing improved requirements management and testing processes, enhancing its performance metrics related to tracking system defects, and developing an IEMP risk mitigation strategy. Further, NASA has developed quantitative entry and exit criteria for moving from one phase of an IEMP project to another--a recognized industry best practice. However, NASA has not yet addressed weaknesses in the areas of requirements development and project scheduling, which ultimately caused the agency to assume a greater risk that it would not identify significant system defects prior to implementation of the core financial upgrade."

AIP FYI #84: Landmark S&T Bill Passed by Congress

Gordon: House Passes Landmark Bill Investing in America's Students, Teachers, Workers

Competitiveness Package Passes House - Republicans Voice Concerns over Spending Authorization Levels

Conference Report, 21st Century Competitiveness Act, 2007 (NASA Excerpts)

"The National Aeronautics and Space Administration shall be a full participant in any interagency effort to promote innovation and economic competitiveness through near-term and long-term basic scientific research and development and the promotion of science, technology, engineering, and mathematics education, consistent with the National Aeronautics and Space Administration's mission, including authorized activities."



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