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House Budget Hearing

House Committee on Science and Technology Examines FY09 NASA Budget

"Dr. Griffin and his team are dedicated and hardworking and represent some of the "best and brightest" in the nation. Yet I am afraid that this budget and the vision for NASA that it represents fails them in several important ways:

It fails to fully exploit and nurture the impressive capabilities NASA has, and it fails to position NASA for a sustained and productive future. Instead I'm afraid that the Administration's budget and vision for NASA simply set the agency up for increased problems down the road.

And most fundamentally, I have to ask whether it is credible to believe that we will be able to successfully carry out the human lunar program proposed by the Administration--while still maintaining a balanced NASA portfolio overall--if the NASA budgetary outlook doesn't improve. If it isn't credible, then we will need to determine whether there are any changes to be made that will still keep us moving forward in a balanced manner under the funding likely to be available to NASA."

Statement of Michael D. Griffin FY 2009 Budget Hearing 13 February 2008 (What Griffin actually read from)
Statement of NASA Administrator Michael Griffin 13 February 2008 (What Code L posted)
House Science and Technology Committee Evaluates FY09 NASA Budget Release
Opening Statement By Chairman Bart Gordon
Opening Statement By Chairman Mark Udall

NASA Langley could see funding reduced by $92M, Daily Press

"NASA Langley Research Center could see a $92million drop in its budget next year a cut of about 13 percent but the center director said Monday that work from other NASA centers should flow in over the year to make up the gap."

Kennedy Space Center could face job cuts in Bush's NASA budget proposal, Orlando Sentinel

"NASA expects to shed as many as 1,000 workers from its space-shuttle program in 2009 -- including an unspecified number at Kennedy Space Center -- as part of a $17.6 billion budget outlined Monday by the White House."

SMD Budget Update

A Budget Message from Alan Stern Associate Administrator for NASA's Science Mission Directorate

"A month ago today I wrote you an email via NSPIRES about the work being done in NASA's Science Mission Directorate (SMD) to invigorate the flight and research programs we're administering. Although there was good news to talk about then, I could not discuss the content of the President's FY09 budget request and what that budget portends for SMD."

More Budget Reaction

Administration's NASA Budget Woefully Inadequate, IFPTE

"With today's unveiling of President's Bush's final budget, the International Federation of Professional & Technical Engineers (IFPTE) expressed grave disappointed with the failure of the White House to match its rhetoric to the Office and Management and Budget's (OMB) fiscal plan. This no truer than at NASA when comparing the stated grand Vision for Space Exploration with the Administration's proposed meager NASA budget that barely keeps up with inflation."

In reacting to NASA's new budget, House Science and Technology Chairman Bart Gordon said:

"At first blush it unfortunately appears to be a "business-as-usual" budget that does little to address the significant challenges NASA is facing. In short, it continues the Administration's practice of underfunding the agency relative to the missions the agency has been asked to undertake. Thus, NASA's aeronautics program is kept on a downward spiral despite congressional actions to the contrary, the agency's technology programs remain in an anemic condition, and its science programs face an uncertain future as funds are shuffled from one science account to the next in order to free up funds for proposed new initiatives."

Deputy Administrator National Aeronautics and Space Administration Feb. 4, 2008

"This morning, the president announced the Fiscal Year 2009 budget for the entire federal government. Six-tenths of one percent of that budget is NASA. The president's request for NASA is $17.6 billion, a 1.8 percent increase over the FY2008 enacted budget, along with a steady, five-year runout that includes an increase each year of around 2.4 percent."

NASA Budget Page

NASA FY 2009 Budget Information, OMB

Detailed information (PDF), OMB



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